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Voyager photo
Ingersoll Rand Trane Voyager Heating and Air Unit
Inventory #: G3109

Used Ingersoll Rand Trane Voyager Heating and Air Unit with: Foiled-faced insulation Adjustable idler pulley Low ambient cooling to zero degrees Fahrenheit High and low pressure switches 2 inch...

ACWC-90-E photo
Zarsky ACWC90 Air Cooled 7.5 Ton Chiller
Inventory #: G3148

Used Zarsky Chiller with: Capacity: Cooling capacity: 7.5 tons Reservoir: 41 gallons Pipe size: In: 1.25 inches Out: 1 inch Refrigerant: R22 Flow rate: 55 gallons per...

HS 10 photo
Shaffer HS10 1000 Pound Triple Roller Bar Mixer
Inventory #: G3178

Used Shaffer Mixer with: Capacity: Pounds: 1,000 Kilograms: 455 Cubic feet: 27.9 Main motor: 75/37.5 horsepower Stainless steel jacket on bowl sheet and ends: Approximate glycol...

300 Gal photo
APV Crepaco 300 Gallon SS Jacketed Kettle
Inventory #: G3184

Used APV Crepaco Kettle with: Capacity: 300 gallons Jacket: 3 zone jacket Rated: 75 psi @ 350° Fahrenheit Top mounted agitation: Scrape Counter rotating blades Driven...

Gemco 100 Cubic Foot Double Cone Blender
Inventory #: G3186

Used Gemco Double Cone Blender with: Capacity: Total capacity: 140 cubic feet Working capacity: 100 cubic feet Infeeds: Port: 8 inches diameter Intake feed: 18 inches diameter...

N/A photo
Global Machinery 50 Gallon SS Jacketed Mix Tank
Inventory #: G3149

Used Global Machinery Tank with: Capacity: 50 gallons Jacket: Type: fluid/hot water Coverage: 0.75 Agitation: Propeller mixer Drive motor included Top openings:...

Delta 3000 LD B photo
Ilapak Delta 3000 LD Flow Wrapper
Inventory #: G3209Featured

Used Ilapak Delta 3000 LD Flow Wrapper with: All stainless steel Adjustable folding Box MAP Modified Atmosphere Packaging Gas flush Chain lug infeed section for manual loading Product...

SC150 / Vestor II photo
Alpma SC150 And Vestor II Cutting System
Inventory #: G3208Featured

Used Alpma SC150 And Vestor II Cutting System with: Particularly compact and can feed products fully automatically to downstream line components. Whatever size of segment you need, it will find the optimum...

8/65 photo
Hollymatic 865 Roto Flow Patty Forming Machine
Inventory #: G3211

Used Hollymatic Patty Former with: Output: up to 3,900 patties per hour Hopper: Capacity: 200 pounds Automatic index feed Hopper feed auger: adjustable stroke Portion size: ...

PDC-A 600 photo
Poly Clip PDC A600 Automatic Double Clipper
Inventory #: G3213

Used Poly-Clip Clipper with: Fully automatic operation Casings: Fibrous: up to 65 mm Plastic: up to 90 mm Portions: Single Chain Long sausages Rings Half-rings ...

250 Gal photo
Groen 250 Gallon Stainless Steel Vacuum Kettle
Inventory #: G3226

Used Groen Kettle with: Capacity: 250 gallons Jacket: Coverage: half Rated: 100 psi @ 338° Fahrenheit Chamber rated for vacuum Agitation: Single motion scrape Driven by...

300 photo
Lakso 300 Dual Head Automatic Cottoner
Inventory #: G3228

Used Lakso Cottoner with: Output: (1) insertion per bottle: up to 300 bottles per minute (2) insertions per bottle: up to 150 bottles per minute Cotton: Maximum weight: 26 grams per...

70 Cu Ft photo
Paul Abbe 70 Cubic Foot Double Cone Blender
Inventory #: G3219

Used Paul Abbe Blender with: Capacity: Total capacity: 108 cubic feet Working capacity: 70 cubic feet Blender speed: 13.9 rotations per minute Bottom outlet: 10 inches diameter with valve...

100 Cu Ft Stainless Steel Double Ribbon Blender
Inventory #: G3189

Used Double Ribbon Blender with: Capacity: 100 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft Outer ribbon (inches): 2.625 wide x 0.25 thick Inner ribbon (inches): 2 wide x 0.25 thick Drive:...

MPC-0300 photo
Motivair MPC 0300 3 Ton Air Cooled Chiller
Inventory #: G3191

Used Motivair Chiller with: Capacity: Cooling capacity: 3 tons Reservoir: 13 gallons Refrigerant: R 410 A Flow rate: Minimum: 5 gallons per minute Maximum: 19 gallons per minute...

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