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Meet the Team at SIGMA Equipment

Our quality starts with our people.

At SIGMA Equipment, we are proud to work with a group of passionate, innovative, and experienced professionals. The SIGMA team is committed to providing exceptional service.

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We are always looking for talented and passionate individuals to add to our team. Apply online today!

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  • Scott Birge, Senior Sales

    Scott Birge
    Senior Sales

  • John O'Reilly, Senior Sales

    John O'Reilly
    Senior Sales

  • Rick Lewallen, Sales Specialist

    Rick Lewallen
    Sales Specialist

  • Amber Woods, Sales Specialist

    Amber Woods
    Sales Specialist


  • Missy Payne, Acqisition Manager

    Missy Payne
    Acquisition Manager

  • Gil Garrison, Acqisition Specialist

    Gil Garrison
    Acquisition Specialist

  • Perry Johnson, Acqisition Specialist

    Perry Johnson
    Acquisition Specialist

  • Elizabeth Gray, Acqisition Coordinator

    Elizabeth Gray
    Acquisition Coordinator

  • Elaine Brown, Acqisition Coordinator

    Elaine Brown
    Acquisition Coordinator

  • Alex Funke, Research Specialist

    Alex Funke
    Research Specialist

  • Bob Esser, Research Specialist

    Bob Esser
    Research Specialist


  • Rob Palmer, Company Founder

    Rob Palmer
    Company President

  • Wes Weaver, Operations Manager

    Wes Weaver
    Operations Manager

  • Renee Palmer, HR Director

    Renee Palmer
    HR Director

  • Patrick Johnson, IT Director

    Patrick Johnson
    IT Director

  • Marcie Stover, Accounting Manager

    Marcie Stover
    Accounting Manager

  • Jim Dougan, Shop Supervisor

    Jim Dougan
    Shop Supervisor

  • Quaid West, Warehouse Manager

    Quaid West
    Warehouse Manager

  • Jenny Harris, SIGMA Surplus Manager

    Jenny Harris
    SIGMA Surplus Manager

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