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Used Reiser Equipment

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Vemag Robot 500 photo
Vemag Robot 500 Extruder with PC 878 Controls
Inventory #: D1937

Used Vemag Robot 500 Extruder With PC 878 controls with: Stainless steel construction Filling rate, depending on feed element Up to 2,500 kilograms per hour(5,500 pounds/hour) Portion...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco FGM 26/52 Brine Injector
Inventory #: D1855

Used Fomaco FGM 26 / 52 Injection Machine with: Application: injecting food products with liquid solutions Pump capacity: 55 liters per minute Needle sizes: 26 and 52 Speed range: 20-70 strokes per...

Vemag 500B photo
Reiser Vemag 500B Extruder
Inventory #: D1743

Used Resier Vemag 500B Extruder with: Large diameter double screw feed system Rear radiator PC 878 digital control panel Up to 450 portions/minute 200 lb hopper

DP100E photo
Dixie Pak DP100E Skin Packaging Machine
Inventory #: D1250

Used Dixie Pak DP100E Skin Packaging Machine with: 320mm wide with 240mm repeat Fresh or Frozen Red Meat. With Busch RC160 Vacuum Pump Pump requires water for cooling head. (A Recirculating Chiller...

S60 photo
Reiser S60 Ross Preformed Tray Sealer
Inventory #: D1026

Used Reiser S60 Ross Preformed Tray Sealer with: Stainless steel wash down design Modified Atmosphere Packaging Contoured filler plates Full color programmable touch screen Fast easy change over...

FGM 26 SC photo
Reiser Fomaco FGM 26 SC Brine Injector
Inventory #: C6917

Used Fomaco FGM 26 SC Brine Injector with: 26 needles 20-70 strokes per minute 30 millimeter (1.18 inch) conveyor belt advancement per stroke of needle bridge Conveyor dimensions: approximately 13.5...

G 250 photo
Reiser Vemag G 250 Proportioner Extruder
Inventory #: C5888

Used Reiser Vemag G 250 Proportioner Extruder with; Extrudes Proportions

Robot 500 photo
Reiser Vemag Robot 500 Portioner/Extruder
Inventory #: B8457

Used Resier Vemag Robot 500 Portioner/Extruder with: Efficient, high speed production of all types of food products Sets the standard for portioning accuracy, speed and product quality The perfect solution...

DP 50 E photo
Dixie Union DP 50 E Rollstock Thermoformer
Inventory #: B8733

Used Dixie Union DP 50 E Rollstock Thermoformer with: Produces packages by thermoforming a roll of film into a die and subsequently heat-sealing with a top film to produce air vacuum or modified atmosphere...

S-3180 photo
Ross Industries S-3180 Horizontal Thermoformer
Inventory #: B3137

Used Ross S-3180 Semi-Automatic Horizontal Thermoformer with: Single tray loader Platen size: 19.35 inches x 14.5 inches Stainless steel construction Dual lane - 8.5 inch x 6 inch trays Bush...

R500 photo
Vemag Robot 500 Vacuum Extruder
Inventory #: B1796

Used Vemag R500 Extruder with: PC 878 Control screen Robot 500 Series Stainless steel roll around stand 26.75 inch diameter hopper Filling right: 5,500 pounds per hour Portion weights:...

20/74 E photo
Reiser Holac 20/74 E Portion Slicer
Inventory #: A9938

Used Reiser Holac 20/74 E Portion Cutter Slicer with: Reliable portion cutter Cuts per minute: 200 to 400 depending on product Loading area dimensions: 7.87 inches wide x 7.87 inches tall x 29 inches...

S45 photo
Ross Inpack S45 MAP Tray Sealer
Inventory #: A5205

Used Ross S45 MAP Tray Sealer with: Medium to high speed modified atmosphere packaging Automatic tray loader 3 up configuration Set up for 136mm x 178mm tray Test ran about 30ppm Overall length:...

S90X photo
Reiser Ross Model S90X 2 Lane Inpack Tray Sealer
Inventory #: A2385

Used Reiser Ross Model S90X 2 Lane Inpack Tray Sealer with: OTBX96 Reciprocating Conveyor Feeder Shuttle Conveyor Tray elevator Discharge Single Filer Arm mounted color touch screen operator controller...

DV 2000 photo
Reiser Dixie 2000 Vacuum Horizontal Thermoformer
Inventory #: A1970

Used Reiser Dixie 2000 Vacuum Horizontal Thermoformer with: 135 inch long by 12 1/5 inch wide chain driven spring loaded pinch conveyor. Can run up to three rows of product through vacuum and thermoformer....

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