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ILTS-350 photo
Orics ILTS-350 Inline Tray Sealer
Inventory #: D2802

Used Orics ILTS-350 Inline Tray Sealer with: Capacity: up to 15 cycles per minute Previous tray size: 12.5 inches wide x 9.5 inches long x 3 inches high Chain infeed Touch pad controls Digital...

S-302008 photo
Orics 6 feet Sorting and Laning Conveyor
Inventory #: C8325

Used Orics 6 Feet Sorting and Laning Conveyor with: Belt is 3 feet wide by 6 feet long 40 inches in height 1/2 Horsepower baldor motor

S-30 photo
ORICS Industries S-30 Tray Sealer
Inventory #: C8321

Used Orics Industries S-30 Tray Sealer with: Linear motion heat sealing with AC servo drives Designed for medium to high speed applications 4 lanes Ability to run: Multiple lanes Single...

S-302008 photo
Orics S-302008 Four Head Piston Filler
Inventory #: C8135

Used Orics S302008 Four Head Piston Filler with: Stainless steel construction 12 inch piston stroke Hopper dimensions: 22 inches x 22 inches x 29 inches deep Last used for low viscosity product...

M-10 photo
Orics M-10 Tray and Cup Sealer
Inventory #: C6990

Used Orics M-10 Tray Sealer: Semi-automatic Manual load and unload Capacity: up to 30 packages per minute Anodized aluminum construction Automatic film feed 11" web width

ACCU Table 2008 photo
ORICS 48" SS Rotary Accumulation Table
Inventory #: C8324

Used ORICS 48 Inch Stainless Steel Rotary Accumulation Table with: Stainless steel construction 48 inch diameter 40 inch height

Orics SLTS 850 2013 Tray Sealer
Inventory #: C5077

Used Orics SLTS 850 2013 Tray Sealer with: 13 foot long feed conveyor 232 inch long assembly conveyor 6 foot long output conveyor SmartDate 5 Last tray ran: 16.7 cm width x 21.5 cm length (6.57...

FILLER 2013 photo
Orics Industries FILLER 2013
Inventory #: C2111

Used Orics Industries FILLER 2013 with: Previously used for filling snack cups with jelly 8 filling heads Up to 50 cycles per minute Featuring a high precision (0.2% volume deviation) Non-splash,...

Wet Machine 2012 photo
Orics S-30 Wet Machine 2012 Cup Filler
Inventory #: C2110

Used Orics S-30 WET MACHINE 2012 Cup Filler with: Approximately 1.38 inch wide x 2 inch long product cavity Larger pruduct cavity approximately 2.25 inches long x 2 inches wide Rollers approximately...

S-30 DRY MACH 2012 photo
Orics S-30 DRY MACH 2012 Tray Sealer
Inventory #: C2107

Used Orics S-30 DRY MACH 2012 Tray Sealer with: Tray cavities: approximately 2 inches wide x 3 inches long Approximately 31.25 inch wide and 29 inch wide roll bars Approximately 34 inches wide x 136...

PB-1000 photo
Orics PB-1000 MAP Tray Filler and Sealer
Inventory #: B9237

Used Orics PB-1000 MAP Tray Filler and Sealer with: High speed, modified atmosphere packaging tray line Servo-driven Washdown capable Seals packages at up to 60 packages per minute Perfect for...

SLS VGF R20 photo
Orics SLS VGF R20 Tray Sealer
Inventory #: B2622

Used Orics SLS VGF R20 Tray Sealer with: 4 station rotary sealer Maximum film web width: 12.5 inches 10 to 13 cycles per minute Accutek 3 head piston filler

VGF 2000 photo
Orics VGF 2000 Tray Sealer
Inventory #: A7481

Used Orics VGF 2000 Tray Sealer with: Set up for 2 round bowl/trays Missing guards around bowl infeed area Stainless steel 2HP vacuum pump Frame is mounted on casters 10 trays per minute ...

Orics 8oz Cup Filler for High Viscosity Product
Inventory #: A6096

Used Orics 8oz Cup Filler with: Stainless steel construction Last running 8 oz cups at 120 cups/min Nitrogen injection

S-40 photo
Orics S-40 Tray Sealer
Inventory #: A3024

Used Orics S-40 Tray Sealer with: Carriers and tooling are designed for each individual package Constructed to withstand wash-down environment Frame is mounted on leveling adjustment pads Constructed...

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