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VPK 260 / CCW-M-214W-S20-PB photo
Rovema VPK 260 Stabilo Quad Seal Vertical FFS
Inventory #: D2776

Used Rovema VPK 260 Stabilo Quad Seal Vertical FFS with: VPK 260 Stabilo Quad Seal Vertical Form Fill & Seal Speed: up to 120 bags per minute Bag size range: Minimum: 1.6 inches...

VPX-480. SDX 150 photo
Rovema VPX480 Large Capacity Auger Filler VFFS
Inventory #: C6954R

Used Rovema VPX480 Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal with: Auger fed vertical form, fill, and seal bagger for large capacity product Previously used to bag sugar Powered film unwind Film width: 47 inches...

VFS 643 photo
Rovema VFS 643 Drop Case Packer
Inventory #: C6960

Used Rovema VFS 643 Drop Case Packer with: Split infeed conveyor Infeed opening: 4 inches tall x 15.75 inches wide Infeed height: 60 inches Outfeed height: 18 inches Retracting conveyor loads...

VVI 200 photo
Rovema VVI 200 Vertical Form Fill Seal
Inventory #: C5115

Used Rovema VVI 200 Vertical Form Fill Seal with: Application: fully automatic vertical form, fill, and seal machine Fills bags with loose, flowable or pourable product Bag is created by a heat seal...

VPR 250 photo
Rovema VPR 250 Rotoseal Vertical Form Fill Bagger
Inventory #: B8143

Used Rovema VPR 250 Rotoseal Vertical Form Fill Bagger with: Currently used for filling 2 oz bags Filling speed: 90 bags per minute Allen-Bradley control panel Allen-Bradley upgrade

WA76 photo
Rovema WA 76 Wrap Around Case Packer
Inventory #: A8670

Used Rovema WA-76 Wrap Around Case Packer with: High filling ratio as case envelopes contents precisely Fast and problem free format size changes Blank sizes between 19 inches x 15 inches and 47 inches...

MVP280 photo
Rovema Form Fill and Seal Machine Type MVP280
Inventory #: A6199

Used Rovema Form Fill and Seal Machine Type MVP280 with: MANUFACTURED BY ROVEMA WESTERN GEMANY

VPR-320 photo
Rovema Stainless Steel Servo Vertical FFS Bagger
Inventory #: E8157R

Used Rovema Vertical FFS Bagger with: Servo Motor Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger As the bagger pulls film from roll stock and forms it into a tube, sealing tools apply heat to the seal areas to form the...

VPR 320 photo
Rovema Stainless Steel Vertical Bagger VPR 320
Inventory #: E8149R

Used Rovema Stainless Steel Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Continuous Motion Bagger: Stainless steel machine Continuous motion form/fill/seal function Unit operated in USDA facility PLC controlled, allows...

S-160 photo
Rovema S-160 Form Fill Seal with Auger Filler
Inventory #: E3652

Used Rovema S-160 with: Photocell Auger filler Format : Min. 70x70 Max: 160x240

ULF-864 photo
Rovema Universal Case Packer Model ULF-864
Inventory #: E3413

Used Rovema Universal Case & Tray Packer with: Universal Loading and Filling Tray and Case Packer Model ULF-864 The Universal Loading and Filling ULF case packer complements Rovema's bagging...

CMK9 photo
Rovema Fully Automatic Barrel Cam Cartoner CMK9
Inventory #: E3409

Used Rovema CMK Cartoner with: Model CMK9 Cartoner Fully automatic high speed horizontal cartoner with barrel cam loader System quote includes 90 degree bag loading. The bag transfer stations are used...

SAR-98 photo
Rovema Tray Erector Model SAR-98
Inventory #: E3410R

Used Rovema Tray Erector Model SAR-98 with: Tray Erector for forming and gluing trays from flat blanks Once the case is in the Forming Station, the forming mandrel pushes down, to press the blank through...

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