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Used Columbia Equipment

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Columbia 3940 Cubic Foot Silo
Inventory #: D3476

Used Columbia 3940 Cubic Foot Silo with: Diameter 12 Foot Height 55 Foot For Granular or Powdered Products Compacted Density 55 PCF Designed for Mass flow Loads

Columbia 4,000+ Cubic Foot Silo
Inventory #: D2828

Used Columbia 4,000+ Cubic Foot Silo with: Diameter - 12 feet Height - 65 feet Capacity - 4,000+ cubic foot Granular or powdered products Carmen Shakers: model 6G8D Trane M-Series Climate Changer...

FL 100-RR-5204-2030 photo
Columbia FL100 Palletizer Low Level Heavy Duty
Inventory #: C5185

Used Columbia FL 100 Palletizer with: Low level, full case palletizer Production capacity range: 5-12 cases per minute, depending on materials and application Control panel, Allen-Bradley PanelView...

FL-100 photo
Columbia FL-100 Case Palletizer
Inventory #: C2933

Used Columbia FL-100 Case Palletizer with: Pallet dispenser Infeed conveyor Control panel, Allen-Bradley 504 PLC has been removed Output: 25 - 30 cpm

LTS photo
Columbia LTS Pallet Transfer System
Inventory #: B8375

Used Columbia LTS Pallet Transfer System: Pallet stack, dispenser, infeed conveyor, and powered outfeed cart Fully automatic Receives loads from a conveyor, transfers the load from on load base to another,...

HL6000 photo
Columbia HL6000 High Level Palletizer
Inventory #: B3824

Used Columbia High Speed High Level Palletizer: Allen-Bradley electricals Panelview HMI Tier sheet inserter Infeed elevation 138 inches Pallet infeed and discharge...

HL6000-LF-FD-AB9886 photo
Columbia Palletizer Model HL6000 LF-FD AB9886
Inventory #: A6645

Columbia Palletizer Model HL6000 LF-FD AB9886 Upper & Lower Slip Sheet Inserter

LTS photo
Columbia Load Transfer Station
Inventory #: A3253

Used Columbia Load Transfer Station with: Automatic pallet upstacker holding up to 20 pallets Allen Bradley PLC controls 5HP TEFC motor and 5gpm hydraulic power unit 4000lb. load capacity Pallet...

LTS-PD-OC-016 photo
Columbia Pallet Transfer Station LTS-PD-OC-016
Inventory #: A2961R

Used Columbia Machine LTS-PD-OC-016 Transfer Station with: Load Transfer Station Model STD-SL-PD-01640 Pallet Stager Sick Model C4000 Safety Curtains Allen Bradley SLC Processor Safety Cage...

80 photo
Columbia Model 80 Pallet Dispenser
Inventory #: A1878

Used Columbia Model 80 Pallet Dispenser

274-42-1 photo
Columbia 374-42-1 Pallet Dispenser
Inventory #: A1852

Used Columbia 374-42-1 Pallet Dispenser: Up to 48in x 52in. pallets

STD-LTS-460-006 photo
Columbia LTS Pallet Exchange Transfer System
Inventory #: E8427R

Used Columbia LTS Pallet Transfer With Handles 48" X 42" or 48" X 48" Pallets Two control arms with pull chords Personnel guarding The Columbia LTS Pallet Transfer Unit is used...

0025B-RRXS-TI-8610 photo
Columbia Palletizer Model 25-RR
Inventory #: E3347

Used Columbia Palletizer Model 25-RR with: High level palletizer Running 48" x 40" pallets All electrical motors, no hydraulics Meter belt infeed height of 8'-11" top of belt...

M/L-380-596-130 photo
Columbia FL100 Hydraulic Palletizer
Inventory #: E3334

Columbia Palletizer: Full case palletizer with low level infeed Includes pallet discharge conveyor with overall length 10 ft Remote control panel Hydraulic system for heavy product loads

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