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This type of equipment is designed to pump or move products such as liquids, paste etc. Pumps are available in many different sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

15 photo
Waukesh Cherry-Burrell Positive Displacement Pumps
Inventory #: C5490

Used Waukesh Cherry-Burrell Positive Displacement Pumps with: 3 Waukesha Cherry-Burrell pumps mounted on stands Includes motor Includes gearbox Includes power cord Variable speed on drive

7.5 HP photo
Universal Dynamics 7 HP Positive Displacement Pump
Inventory #: C4769

Used Universal Dynamics 7 HP Positive Displacement Pump with: Positive displacement air pump Quiet operation Compact design Easy component access 7.5 horsepower motor Single pump configuration...

Seven Banjo Corporation Centrifugal Pumps
Inventory #: C4786

Used Banjo Corporation Centrifugal Pumps with: Lot of seven pumps Corrosion resistant Liquid removable pumps Motor horsepower range: .5 to 1 Continuous-duty motors with enclosed impellers...

Somarakis 2523-2 photo
Travaini Dynaseal Somarakis 2523-2 Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: C4791

Used Travaini Dynaseal Somarakis 2523-2 Vacuum Pump with: Liquid ring vacuum system with closed loop oil ring RPM: 590 Vacuum: 18 inches H2O Motor not included Small metal conveyor table with...

SPX 32 photo
Bredel SPX 32 Peristaltic Hose Pump
Inventory #: C5357

Used Bredel SPX 32 Peristaltic Hose Pump with: Self priming pump and able to run dry without damage to the pump Inner hose diameter 32 mm (1.25 inch) Minimum starting torque 210 Nm (3,000 pounds) ...

FP4001-300 photo
Fristam FP4001-300 Pump
Inventory #: C5406

Used Fristam FP4001-300 Pump with: Stainless steel pump face 17.5 inch diameter 4 inch diameter inlet 6 inch diameter outlet 25 horsepower Baldor motor 1180 rpm

SPS-6 photo
MasoSine SPS-6 Curve Pump
Inventory #: C5329

Used MasoSine SPS-6 Curve Pump with Sanitary and industrial pump, up to 15 bar pressure Full Clean-In-Place and Steam-In-Place compliance Constructed of 316 stainless steel and polymer construction...

MR-130 photo
Maso Sine MR-130 NNTC Food Pump
Inventory #: C4518

Used Maso Sine MR-130 NNTC Food Pump with: 2.2 KW, geared drive unit Ports: 3 inch Stainless steel trolly on casters Displacement: 0.12 gallons per revolution Maximum particle size: 1 inch ...

M66 photo
Finish Thompson M66 Air Operated Drum Pump
Inventory #: C4474

Used Finish Thompson M66 Air Operated Drum Pump with: 1.5 Horsepower Air operated: helps reduce possibility of explosion from igniting flammables Inlet size: 2 inches Maximum GPM for water: 7 ...

RX61D16 GEAR HALF photo
SEW RX61D16 Gear Half Transfer Pump
Inventory #: C3742

Used SEW RX61D16 Gear Half Transfer Pump with: 150-749 rpm Mounted on steel table Casters for ease of mobility

HDV-6-D4 photo
SunSource HDV-6-D4 Hydraulic Pump
Inventory #: C3937

Used SunSource HDV-6-D4 Hydraulic Pump with: 1.5 inch diameter inlet and outlet 20 horsepower electric motor Parker hydraulic filter American Industrial AC-10-3 heat transfer unit

FE25 13E2H1G 4L0 photo
TACO FE25 13E2H1G 4L0 End Suction Pump
Inventory #: C2960

Used TACO FE25 13E2H1G 4L0 End Suction Pump with: Base mounted Approximately 2.5 inch diameter inlet Baldor 15 Horsepower motor 1750 RPM 11.0 IMP Diameter 3 units available, quoted price for...

Liquid Dispensing Pump
Inventory #: C3399

Used Liquid Dispensing Pump with: 2 units, each priced separately Piston dispensing pumps Approximate 4 inch stroke length 2 inch diameter sanitary inlet Removed from Volpak Pouch Machine

Bulldog photo
Graco Bulldog Drum Pump
Inventory #: C3386

Used Graco Bulldog Piston Pump Drum Unloader with: Pressure output capacity of 1000 psi Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance Divorced air motor eliminates fluid and fume contamination, reducing...

APV Pump with 5 Horsepower Reliance Motor
Inventory #: C2051

Used APV Pump with Reliance Motor with: Threaded infeed and outfeed: 3.5 inch diameter 5 horsepower motor Reliance gearbox Motor, gearbox, and pump mounted together on a stand

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