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Used Centrifugal Pump Equipment

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General name for pumps with one or more impellers. There are many types and configurations for different applications. Centrifugal pumps produce a head and a flow by increasing the velocity of the liquid through the machine with the help of a rotating vane impeller.

Roth Turbine Pump with Holding Tank
Inventory #: D5209

Used Roth Turbine Pump with: Holding tank dimensions: 41 inches long x 18 inch diameter National board number: 6463 MAWP: 50 PSI at 650 degrees Fahrenheit MDMT: -20 degrees Fahrenheit...

MM 1322 AP photo
Busch MM 1322 AP Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: D4955

Used Busch MM 1322 AP Vacuum Pump with: Non-contacting design, eliminates internal wear and parts to replace Air-cooled, requiring no water Dry-running, no sealing or lubricating oil is needed in the...

FPR3451-240 photo
Fristam FPR3451-240 5 HP Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: D4316

Used Fristam FPR3451-240 Centrifugal Pump with: 5 horsepower motor Infeed diameter: 2.75 inches Outfeed diameter: 1.75 inches Stainless steel construction

FPR3532-140 photo
Fristam FPR3532-140 10 Horsepower Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: D2022

Used Fristam FPR3532-140 Centrifugal Pump with: Infeed diameter: 3 inches Outfeed diameter: 2.5 inches 10 horsepower motor Stainless steel contact parts

FPR742-150 photo
Fristam FPR742-150 10HP Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: D1551

Used Fristam 10 Horsepower Centrifugal Pump with: Infeed diameter: 2 inches Outfeed diameter: 1.875 inches 10 horsepower Reliance-Electric motor Never put into production, still in OEM shipping...

WEG Six inch 7.5 Horsepower Centrifugal Pumps
Inventory #: C8192

Used WEG Six inch 7.5 Horsepower Centrifugal Pumps with: Six inch diameter 7.5 horsepower motor 1750 revolutions per minute

Seven Banjo Corporation Centrifugal Pumps
Inventory #: C4786

Used Banjo Corporation Centrifugal Pumps with: Lot of seven pumps Corrosion resistant Liquid removable pumps Motor horsepower range: .5 to 1 Continuous-duty motors with enclosed impellers...

FP4001-300 photo
Fristam FP4001-300 Pump
Inventory #: C5406

Used Fristam FP4001-300 Pump with: Stainless steel pump face 17.5 inch diameter 4 inch diameter inlet 6 inch diameter outlet 25 horsepower Baldor motor 1180 rpm

FE25 13E2H1G 4L0 photo
TACO FE25 13E2H1G 4L0 End Suction Pump
Inventory #: C2960

Used TACO FE25 13E2H1G 4L0 End Suction Pump with: Base mounted Approximately 2.5 inch diameter inlet Baldor 15 Horsepower motor 1750 RPM 11.0 IMP Diameter 3 units available, quoted price for...

SP10 (SP10V-T6-M227) photo
Finish Thompson SP10 Pump
Inventory #: C2924

Used Finish Thompson SP10 Pump with: Self priming pump Suction port size: 1 inch Discharge port size: 1 inch Connection type: NPT, BSP, Flange, or Union Maximum specific gravity: up to 1.8 ...

3000ACM photo
Dimplex Schrieber Pump and Re-Circulation System
Inventory #: B6255

Used Dimplex Schrieber Pump and Re-Circulation System with: 2 pump re-circulation system, process pump and re-circulating pump Process motor: 15 horsepower 18.0 FLA Flow: 100 at 100...

PTS-2500-3P-SP photo
Advantage PTS-2500 Pump Tank Station
Inventory #: B9598

Used Advantage PTS-2500 Pump Tank Station with: 2500 Gallon capacity Sand blasted and epoxy coated on all wetted surfaces 7 ga mild steel welded assembly Perimeter belting reinforcement Overflow...

C-3M170 photo
Alfa Laval C-3M170 Stianless Centrifugal Pump
Inventory #: B5707

Used Alfa Laval C-3M170 Centrifugal Pump with: Baldor 3 horsepower electric motor Stainless steel clad motor 3 inches inlet 1.5 inches outlet Alfa laval centrifugal pump

CVC 8x6x11 photo
Carver GVC Vertical Cantilevered Pump
Inventory #: B7750

Used Carver GVC Vertical Cantilevered Pump with: Constructed: 315 stainless steel construction Covered in cast iron Dimensions: 4 foot long x 30 inch tall x 30.5 inch wide ...

SP-L1B photo
Yohoo Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps
Inventory #: B5266

Used Yohoo Sanitary Centrifugal Pump with: Washdown sanitary construction Impeller is designed as an open type to avoid caviation Impeller and shaft are taper matching Mechanical seal Drain valve...

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