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This type of equipment is designed to pump or move products such as liquids, paste etc. Pumps are available in many different sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

12 F-N140TC photo
Crepaco 12 F-N140TC Pump
Inventory #: B3412

Used Crepaco 12 F-N140TC Pump with: Leeson wash down motor Outlets One 2 inch One 1 1/2 inch Inlets One 2 inch

SIHI LEM photo
Sterling SIHI LEM Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: B3523

Used Sterling SIHI LEM Vacuum Pump with: Single stage displacement pumps Isothermal compression Oil free Handles all gases and vapors Easy maintenance Low noise Suction volume flow: Up...

HP4.429.002.1220 photo
Huckepack Two Stage Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: B3064

Used Huckepack Two Stage Vacuum Pump with: Powerful Maximum tolerable water vapour inlet Fresh oil lubricated Rotary vane pump Used for many processes in the chemical industry

LQ4724 photo
Viking 4 Inch Stainless Steel Gear Pump
Inventory #: B1712

Used Viking 4 Inch Stainless Steel Gear Pump with: 316 Stainless steel pump housing 4 inch inlet and outlet with 9 inch outer diameter Eight bolt flanged connections Standard jacketed rear pump...

SCF2M2R5 photo
Mono Merlin Pump SCF2M2R5
Inventory #: B1788

Used Mono Merlin Pump SCF2M2R5 with: Progressive cavity pump 15 horsepower motor 1750 rpm Moves up to 268 gallons per minute Temperature range: 14 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit

MR 125 photo
Sine MR 125 2 Inch Pump
Inventory #: B1736

Used Sine MR 125 2 Inch Pump with: 2 inch inlet and outlet with tri clamp connections Directly coupled to 2 horsepower "service duty" Eurodrive with inline gear reducer yielding co shaft rpm...

KVT 380 photo
KVT Becker 380 Vacuum Pump Rotary Vane
Inventory #: B1038

Used Becker KVT 3.80 Rotary Vane Pump with: Designed to operate on continuous basis Oil free 1 inch BSP 5 hp 48 SCFM @ 0 in Hg Exceptionally quiet Quantity of (2), price is for one

RD2500 photo
Roots RD2500 Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: A9613

Used Roots RD2500 Vacuum Pump with: Nominal flow rate: 2070 meters cubed per hour Allowable pressure difference: 5.3 kPa Ultimate pressure: Back pump single-stage RP: 7x10 -2 Back...

MR125NNTC photo
Kontro 2" Sine Pump
Inventory #: A7635

Used Kontro 2" Sine Pump with: 2" in and out Sanitary stainless steel Direct connected to 2 Hp 3/60/230-460 gear head motor Mounted on portable base with casters

Worthington Compressor Services photo
Worthington Centrifugal Pump 200 HP with VFD Drive
Inventory #: A7310

Used Worthington Centrifugal Pump 200 HP with VFD Drive with: Centrifugal slurry pump Type R Model number 10R234 Size 10 x 12 x 23.5 Designed for 892 m3/hr (3927 gpm) 33.80 meter tdh (112'...

Stainless Steel Pump
Inventory #: A6687

Used Stainless Steel Pump 3 Inch Outlet Air Driven

MDS-Y photo
Cleveland Pump Model MTS-Y
Inventory #: A6694

Used Cleveland Pump Pumps Gallon Containers Pumps 5 Gallon Containers

D4B photo
Leybold Trivac D4B Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: A5624

Used Leybold Trivac D4B Vacuum Pump: Dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump Commonly used for vacuum furnace evacuation, backing turbomolecular pumps, backing diffusion pumps, rotary evaporation, refrigeration...

E5000133-00X-127 photo
Spirax-Sarco Pressure Powered Pump
Inventory #: A5268

Used Duplex Pressure Powered Pump with: 3x2 pump with high capacity stainless steel check valve and gauge glass 3x2 tank package with 31 gallon receiver Motive and exhaust piping 3 in 125# flanged...

Sine Positive Displacement Pump
Inventory #: A5243

Used Sine Positive Displacement Pump with: 1-2 HP 10-15 gallons/min

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