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This type of equipment is designed to pump or move products such as liquids, paste etc. Pumps are available in many different sizes and can be used in a variety of ways.

B0156FLB3UMW photo
Busch Vacuum Pump 15 HP Toshiba Motor
Inventory #: B6543

Used Busch Vacuum Pump 15 HP Toshiba Motor with: 3 phase induction motor by Toshiba 15 horsepower Thermwood router 230 volt Allen-Bradley control panel 1160 RPM

CVC 8x6x11 photo
Carver GVC Vertical Cantilevered Pump
Inventory #: B7750

Used Carver GVC Vertical Cantilevered Pump with: Constructed: 315 stainless steel construction Covered in cast iron Dimensions: 4 foot long x 30 inch tall x 30.5 inch wide ...

SPS-35 photo
Sine SPS-35 Liquid Pump System
Inventory #: B4989

Used Sine SPS-35 Pump System with: Allen Bradley switch 3.5 inch inlet and outlet diameter Stainless steel frame with mounted casters 10 hp max 3520 torque

Wilden Stainless Steel Pump
Inventory #: B3238

Used Wilden Pump with: Mounted on stainless steel cart Casters 1/2 inch outlet (2) 1 inch inlets

Viscount photo
Graco Viscount Hydraulic 55 Gallon Drum Pump
Inventory #: B4521

Used Graco Viscount Hydraulic 55 Gallon Drum Pump with: For removing product from 55 gallon drum barrels Power Head hydraulic motor 4600 stall pressure Hydraulic lifters Explosion proof

SP-L1B photo
Yohoo Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps
Inventory #: B5266

Used Yohoo Sanitary Centrifugal Pump with: Washdown sanitary construction Impeller is designed as an open type to avoid caviation Impeller and shaft are taper matching Mechanical seal Drain valve...

16VS2 photo
C328 Tri Clover Pump
Inventory #: B5848

Used Tri-Clover C328 Centrifugal Pump with: 7.5 hp motor 1760 rpm 213TC frame 4 inch inlet 2 inch discharge 7.5 inch impeller Impeller if 4 vane and fully open Stainless steel except...

LKH-20 photo
Alfa Laval LKH-20 Pump
Inventory #: B5893

Used Alfa Laval LKH-20 Pump with: DN65 inlet DN50 outlet 165mm impeller Stainless steel 3 hp Baldor motor 1750 rpm 182TC frame

TR-III photo
Yohoo Rotary Lobe Pump
Inventory #: B5906

Used Yohoo Rotary Lobe Pump with: Gear type pump Suitable for transferring high viscosity liquid Provides a soft transfer without damage materials Used in food, beverage, chemical pharmaceutical...

MR120NNTC photo
Watson Marlow MasoSine MR-120 Sine Pump
Inventory #: B5003

Used Sine MR-120 Pump with: Missing parts that can be replaced by OEM Maximum flow rate: 22.5 gpm Maximum working pressure: 150 psi Operational...

Busch RA0100E5461002 Vacuum Pump
Inventory #: B3528

Used Busch RA0100E5461002 Vacuum Pump with: Control panel Rotary vane vacuum pump Displacement: 63 CFM Vacuum: 1.5 Torr Maximum pressure: 200 PSI at 450 degrees Fahrenheit FMDMT: -20 degrees...

Watson Marlow Pump 2HP on Stainless Steel Cart
Inventory #: B3217

Used Baldor Smartmotor with: Watson Marlow pump with 2 HP Baldor motor Variable speed controller Mounted on stainless steel cart Castors: Locking 200 RPM per minute ...

S1S photo
Viking S1S Sanitary Displacement Pump
Inventory #: B4071

Used Viking S1S Sanitary Displacement Pump with: Stainless steel contact parts 1 inch diameter tri-clamps on infeed and outfeed 2 horsepower Gear reducer Relief valve

PFS-100 photo
Chester-Jensen PFS-100 Pump Fill Station
Inventory #: B2202

Used Chester-Jensen PFS-100 Pump Fill Station with: Transfers precisely measured volumes of pumpable product from cooking/mixing vessels to flexible pouches All stainless steel construction Positive...

Turbo V 550 photo
Vacuum Tube Annealing Furnace Oven
Inventory #: B3475

Used Vacuum Tube Annealing Furnace Oven with: Varian Turbo V550 Turbomolecular Pump Startup: 5 minutes Minimum force pump: SD300 Nitrogen: 550 Helium:...

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