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SIGMA Appraisal

With the hectic schedule that comes along with working in the production industry or managing multiple manufacturing lines at multiple locations, we all wish that there were more hours in a day to keep track of all of the moving parts. That’s why SIGMA has engineered an asset management system to help you recover some of that time. Our Recovery app combines cloud-based software, access to centralized equipment storage, and a suite of support services to help you manage your equipment at every stage of its lifecycle and enable you to maximize your assets’ value. 

SIGMA Recovery breaks down the complexity of managing various types of equipment, that also have different statuses, into four simple sections. This process will also help you realize the full potential of your equipment. These are what we like to call the “4 R’s of Recovery”


SIGMA Recovery Redeploy

An important part of managing equipment is knowing what you already have and what you still need. SIGMA Recovery’s cloud-based software helps you keep track of your equipment in one location and gives you 24/7 access to check on them whenever needed. You can also quickly request a piece to be deployed. 


SIGMA Recovery Recondition

Restore your equipment to its former glory with the help of SIGMA’s on-site reconditioning shop. The piece will be transported to our facilities and will be reviewed by our shop technicians. They will then provide extensive cleaning service to make sure the piece is ready to be inspected. 


SIGMA Recovery Resell

Once you make the decision to sell a piece of equipment, our team will help you decide which selling option is best suited to your needs: Direct Sales or Auctions. We will utilize the appraisal and our industry knowledge to provide you a recommendation, but you get to ultimately make the decision on how you would like to sell your piece.


SIGMA Recovery Recycle

Our SIGMA Recovery team works hard to offer you more than one recycling option to help you earn the highest possible return on your equipment. We provide two ways to recycle your equipment. You are given the option to utilize our SIGMA Surplus program to sell your spare parts or scrapping service will help you retain any possible value of your equipment. 

To learn more about how SIGMA Recovery can help you manage your idle assets, our proprietary software, or our global access, click the link below: 

SIGMA Recovery

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