SIGMA Equipment Prepares To Help Manufacturers Amid COVID-19 Needs

RELEASED: 3/24/2020 9:39:10 AM

SIGMA Equipment dedicates themselves to helping their customers during COVID-19 concerns

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(Evansville, IN) [03/24/2020]  -- SIGMA Equipment, in Evansville, Indiana, announces plan to help customers during COVID-19 outbreak. 

SIGMA Equipment recently announced how they plan on helping their manufacturing customers with their production needs during the COVID-19 outbreak. Highlighting not only the steps they have taken to ensure employee safety, but also focusing on how the need for production of medical supplies and other home goods for customers could be shifting.

“We want to be as prepared as possible for our customers. We have a large inventory of equipment ready to meet their packaging and processing needs. We are thankful that we have the means and ability to ship with tight deadlines and quick turnarounds and all transactions can be managed remotely with our clients,” said Owner, Rob Palmer. 

When speaking with Sr. Sales Lead, Scott Birge, about how prepared he and the sales team are to meet their customers’ needs he said, “We are taking every precaution internally to keep our team safe and healthy, but we also have modified how we can communicate with our customers. We are offering video conferencing on multiple apps like FaceTime and Whatsapp,  to safely and expeditiously meet with our customers. We are also able to send them videos of the machines, so they are communicated with every step of the way. We are prepared and ready to work around the clock to meet our clients’ needs.” 

Many manufacturers and production facilities are preparing to modify or adjust their current production lines to help meet the need for medical, sanitizing, and food supplies. This may require a need to remove or sell idle assets to make room for new equipment, finding new equipment and configuring it within their line. SIGMA Equipment also purchases idled equipment.

SIGMA Equipment offers thousands of listed equipment on their state-of-the-art website, multiple buying options including rentals for short term needs, and a rent-to-buy option, a wealth of industry knowledge, and the speed of delivery faster than the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 

To learn more about how SIGMA can help with your production needs, contact the SIGMA team

About SIGMA Equipment

Founded as Sigma Packaging in 2003, SIGMA Equipment serves manufacturing businesses through the buying and selling of used packaging and processing equipment. Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, SIGMA specializes in equipment for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, health & beauty, consumer goods and contract packaging industries. The company pioneered our own online system for connecting equipment buyers and sellers via the internet, engaging the secondary market for packaging, processing and support equipment; SIGMA continues to lead the industry by using the latest technologies to facilitate the marketplace for used equipment. SIGMA Equipment also offers a suite of engineering and technical services in support of the industry’s packaging and processing equipment needs.

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