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Used Meat Processing Equipment

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Equipment in the Meat Processing category includes any equipment used in the processing of meat products. Some examples include patty formers, meat injectors, tenderizers, and smokers.

Pro-MM-Bin S photo
Marel 6 Station Manual Product Processing Conveyor
Inventory #: C1540

Used Marel Pro-MM-Bin S Manual Product Processing Conveyor with: 6 operator stations Pneumatic swing arms divert product from the infeed conveyor to an operator station. The operator processes product...

745-65 photo
Provatec 745-65 Forming Machine
Inventory #: C1535

Used Provatec 745-65 Forming Machine with: Capacity per hour: 1600KG (3527.4 pounds) Maximum portioning speed in strokes per minute: 65 Maximum workable width: 400mm (15.75 inches) Rotor width: 400mm...

54 photo
Hollymatic Super 54 Patty Forming Machine
Inventory #: B9830

Used Hollymatic Super 54 Patty Forming Machine with: Forms patties up to 8 ounces in weight Sizes: 3/16 inches to 3/4 inches thick Up to 5 1/8 inches Maximum diameter with paper ...

8421 photo
Maja 8421 Skinner
Inventory #: B9253

Used Maja 8421 Skinner: Compact membrane skinner for refining premium meat cuts Tooth-roller cleaning without compressed air Cutting width 13.4 inches

8421 photo
Maja 8421 Skinner
Inventory #: B9252

Used Maja 8421 Skinner: Compact membrane skinner for refining premium meat cuts Tooth-roller cleaning without compressed air Cutting width 13.4 inches

Dixie Union Slicing Line Complete System
Inventory #: B6550

Used Dixie Union Slicing Line Complete with: Dixie Mega Slicer Dixie Check Weigher Dixie Feed system, 1 level for on weight, 1 level for make weights Dixie Packaging Machine with 2 sets of rigid...

360/420FM photo
Wolf-Tec 360-420FM Meat Injectors
Inventory #: B7392

Used Wolf-Tec 360/420FM Meat Injectors with: Includes: controls, stand, load cells, and vacuum pump Stainless steel construction Two available, priced individually

Stancase Sausage Stuffer with Nozzles
Inventory #: B4590

Used Stancase Sausage Stuffer and Nozzles with: Manual sausage stuffer 50 pound hopper capacity Stainless steel construction Includes Sausage Nozzles Never used for meat

Bunn Industrial Tyer
Inventory #: B4588

Used Bunn with: 8 ply Takes a 5 pound ball Used to tie meat product

TC700MC photo
Ross TC700MC Meat Tenderizer
Inventory #: B3798

Used Ross TC700MC Meat Injector with: TC700MC is a compact version of the TC700 Injector Smaller machine footprint Maximum product size: 9 inches tall x 11.75 inches wide Spray application...

PI 72 photo
Gunther Stainless Steel PI 72 Needle Meat Injector
Inventory #: B2891

Used Gunther PI 72 Meat Injector with: 72 needles Stainless steel Plastic chain conveyor Dimensions: 2200 millimeter length x 1000 millimeter wide x 2100 millimeter height ...

TC700 SSP photo
Ross Industries TC700 SSP Tenderizer
Inventory #: B3420R

Used Ross Industries TC700 SSP Tenderizer with: USDA approved Stainless steel construction 24 inch conveyor width Fixed conveyor speed: 11.6 feet per minute Maximum product height: 2 inches...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco Stainless Steel FGM 26-52 Injector
Inventory #: B2898

Used Fomaco FGM 26/52 Injector with: Pressure equalizing tank with easy access for inspection and cleaning Gearshift for easy change of injection pattern Stainless steel waterproof box for electrical...

FGM 26/104 photo
Fomaco 2 Horsepower FGM 26/104 Injector
Inventory #: B2899

Used Fomaco FGM 26/104 Injector with: Needles: 26 and 104 The conveyor system as well as the needle head is driven by an asynchronous drive Push button control 2 horsepower drive motor Variable...

KW2100 photo
KW 2100 Automated Skewering System
Inventory #: B1980

Used KW 2100 Automated Skewering System with: Dimensions: 177 inches long without extension 255 inches long with extension 55 inches wide 73 inches height Inserts four skewers...

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