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Used Meat Processing Equipment

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Equipment in the Meat Processing category includes any equipment used in the processing of meat products. Some examples include patty formers, meat injectors, tenderizers, and smokers.

GSS photo
Forpak GSS Patty Stacker with Conveyor
Inventory #: D1054

Used Forpak GSS Patty Stacker with Conveyor with: 5 stacking lanes Capacity: up to 100 pieces per minute per lane Allen-Bradley touch screen controls Multiple product recipe controls Stainless...

PIC 99 photo
Inox Meccanica PIC 99
Inventory #: C6130

Stainless Steel Sausage Linker
Inventory #: C9571

Used Stainless Steel Sausage Linker with: Feed height: 31 inches Adjustable height Adjustable product length Stainless steel construction

Box Dryer photo
Kinn Shan Hoo Iron Works Box Dryer
Inventory #: C9577

Used Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works Box Dryer with: Chamber dimensions: 40 inches wide x 54.5 inches high Rack dimensions: 26.5 inches wide x 26.5 inches long x 3 inches high 20 racks per chamber 2 chambers...

Accupat 4AACS photo
Bridge Machine Accupat 4ACS Patty Former
Inventory #: C9412

Used Bridge Machine Accupat 4ACS Patty Former with: Portions product in shapes including: Rounds Squares Ovals Croquettes Up to 10,000 patties per hour Hopper capacity: 200...

Stainless Steel Patty Former
Inventory #: C9067

Used Stainless Steel Patty Former with: Push-button controls Stainless steel construction Variable speed controls Casters

Magnum 1500 photo
Inject Star Magnum 1500 Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: C8492

Used Inject Star Magnum 1500 Vacuum Tumbler with: Bowl capacity: 396.26 gallons Meat and brine capacity: 1,763.7 pounds Vacuum: 90% Discharge by hydraulic tipping lift system 16 variable adjustable...

Vm 400-52 photo
Koppens VM 400-52 Patty Former
Inventory #: C8119

Used Koppens VM 400-52 Patty Former with: Stainless steel construction Belt width: 15.5 inches Hopper capacity: 154 pounds 15.5 inch mold plate Hydraulic & pneumatic operation Up to 50...

CSK 24 photo
Prime Equipment Group CSK-24 Poultry Skinner
Inventory #: C8126

Used Prime Equipment Group CSK-24 Poultry Skinner with: Chicken production rates Whole Boneless breasts up to 120 per minute Thighs bone in up to 220 per minute Drumsticks bone in up...

C770 photo
Ross Industries C770 Meat Tender Cube
Inventory #: C7146

Used Ross Industries C770 Meat Tender Cube with: Product application: beef, poultry, pork, lamb, seafood Magnetic head design: Tenderizer blades are positioned in magnetic carriers, retracting when they...

MBA Poultry Deboner
Inventory #: C6135

Used MBA Poultry Deboner with: Application: remove bones from chicken Capacity: approximately 100 pieces per minute Stainless steel construction

Horizontal Punch Drum Turkey Deboner
Inventory #: C6914

Used Horizontal Punch Drum Turkey Deboner with: Punches bone from turkey legs Includes multiple fittings for different bone sizes Air driven On casters for ease of mobility

Kartridge Pak Smoke Generator Saw dust Burner
Inventory #: C8303

Used Kartridge Pak Smoke Generator Saw dust Burner with: Burns saw dust to make smoke for cooking meats Approximate 19.5 inch inside diameter x 22.75 inch inside depth Stainless steel construction ...

1450 photo
Townsend 1450 Brine Injector
Inventory #: C8298

Used Townsend 1450 Brine Injector with: Conveyor dimensions: 13.75 inches wide x 74 inches long Feed height: 41.5 inches Apeture height: 5 inches Adjustable height Stainless steel construction...

Norfo B35 Portion Cutter
Inventory #: C8299

Used Norfo B35 Portion Cutter with: Capacity: up to 450 portions per minute Conveyor speed: 20-400 milometers per second Cutting speed: up to 600 cuts per minute Memory: up to 84 programs Cutting...

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