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Used Meat Processing Equipment

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Equipment in the Meat Processing category includes any equipment used in the processing of meat products. Some examples include patty formers, meat injectors, tenderizers, and smokers.

CVU-650E photo
EnviroPak CVU650E Electric Single Truck Smokehouse
Inventory #: D3569

Used Enviro-Pak CVU-650E Electric Single Truck Smokehouse with: Power source: electric Heat source: wood chips Single truck capacity Food grade, Stainless steel construction Built-in floor drain...

LT-30 photo
Lance LT-30 500 Gallon Stainless Vacuum Tumbler
Inventory #: D4908

Used Lance LT-30 Vacuum Tumbler with: Stainless steel drum Capacity: 500 pounds Drum speed range: 1-9 reps per minute Timer control: standard timer 99 hour 59 min Maximum vacuum pump capacity:...

360 photo
Cookshack 360 Stainless Steel SmartSmoke
Inventory #: D4909

Used Cookshack 360 Smokehouse with: Food capacity per load: Pork butts: 550 pounds Brisket: 500 pounds Ribs: 270 pounds Whole chickens: 100 pounds Stainless steel Shelves: 18...

BT008 photo
Bridge BT008 Meatball Former
Inventory #: D4919

Used Bridge Meatball Former with: Output: up to 20,000 pieces per hour Hopper capacity: 700 pounds Portion size range: .10 - 10.5 ounces Maximum meatball diameter: 2.75 inches Independent main...

FGM 26/52 photo
Fomaco FGM 26 52 Brine Injector
Inventory #: D4809

Used Fomaco FGM 26 52 Brine Injector with: Application: injecting food products with liquid solutions Pump capacity: 55 liters per minute Needle sizes: 26 and 52 Speed range: 20-70 strokes per minute...

BI 13B photo
Inject Star BI 13B Brine Injector
Inventory #: D3510

Used Inject Star BI 13B Brine Injector with: High speed & low pressure injecting Appropriation of high class stainless steel Suitable for bone and bone less product All needles are individually...

Protege photo
Patty O Matic Protege Patty Forming Machine
Inventory #: D3567

Used Patty O Matic Protege Patty Forming Machine with: Stainless steel construction Forms, interleave paper between, and stack food patties Weight range of patties 2 ounces to 8 ounces ...

Super Model 54 photo
Hollymatic Super Model 54 Patty Former
Inventory #: D3675

Used Hollymatic Super Model 54 Patty Former with: Stainless steel base Forms patties up to 8 oz. in weight, Patty thickness range from 3/16 inch to 3/4 inch Production rate ...

Pro-9 photo
Biro Pro-9 Sir Steak Meat Tenderizer
Inventory #: D3650

Used Biro Pro-9 Sir Steak Meat Tenderizer with: Use to tenderize, and knit beef products Stainless steel case top, coated steel frame Enhances eye appealing beef patties Enhance the texture and tenderness...

TC700M photo
Ross TC700M Tenderizer
Inventory #: D3511

Used Ross TC 700 MC Meat Tenderizer with: Bone-in or boneless tenderizer Stainless steel blades produce 32 incisions per square inch Tenderizer blades are positioned in magnetic carriers, retracting...

1411 photo
Anco 1411 15 Inch x 34 Inch Platen Bacon Press
Inventory #: D4263

Used Anco 1411 Bacon Press with: Application: press bacon to uniform thickness & width to maximize slicing yields Manual or automatic operation modes Press chamber dimensions: 15 inches x 34 inches...

TriPower Bacon Press
Inventory #: D4239

Used Tri-Power Bacon Press with: Production speed: 11 bellies per minute

51000 photo
Carruthers 51000 Logger Portioner
Inventory #: D4042

Used Carruthers 51000 Logger Portioner with: Infeed: 42" Discharge: 40" Belt size: 12 1/2" and 10" Overall dimensions: 98" Long X 45" Wide X 86" Tall

7500 photo
Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner
Inventory #: D3763

Used Townsend 7500 Membrane Skinner with: Application: removes membranes from various meat, poultry and fish Open top Stainless steel construction

BI-135 photo
Inject Star BI 135 Stainless Steel Brine Injector
Inventory #: D3854

Used Inject Star BI 135 Stainless Steel Brine Injector with: Needle count: 135 Belt width: 23.25 inches Passage height: 10.25 inches Food grade, stainless steel construction Variable speed conveyor...

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