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This type of filler is designed to work at high and low speeds while filling a container to a preset volume. Volumetric filling machines are based on a self-priming cylinder that determines the filling volume.

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MeHeen 6 Station Filler/Crowner

Used MeHeen Filler/Crowner with: 6 head filler/crowner Current set up: 22 ounce glass bottles Rinse rack Includes pump

Accutek SVF 31 Single Head Piston Volumetric Filler

New Accutek SVF 31 Single Head Piston Volumetric Filler with: BUDGETARY PRICING Heavy duty stainless steel Nozzle: SVF sanitary nozzle 1-1/2 inch sanitary 32 ounce product cylinder 32...

Federal GWSX268R 26 Valve Bottle Filler with 8-Head Snap Capper

Used Federal GWSX268R 26 Valve Bottle Filler with 8-Head Snap Capper with: Clockwise operation Gallon pitch filler Filling pitch valve diameter: 3.75 inches Filling nozzle diameter: 1 inch ...

00-001-00 photo
Accutek 00-001-00 Mini Pinch Table Top Filler

Used Accutek Table Top Filler with: Six stainless steel filling heads Toolless sanitary stainless steel manifold Micro processor controller Fill wand with pneumatic dispenser button Stainless steel...

Promatic photo
Oden Promatic 6 Head Inline Volumetric Filler

Used Oden Promatic 6 Head Volumetric Filler with: Speeds up to 100 containers per minute depending on application (6) Oden Gen2 316L stainless steel positive shut off nozzles 10 Gallon conical hooper...

MF-C36 T LH photo
Elmar MF-C36 TLH 36 Pocket Volumetric Filler

Used Elmar 36 Pockets Volumetric Filler with: Number of stations: 35 Container sizes: 2 to 3.1875 inches, may require OEM change parts Straight sided Waukesha valve with .75 inch x 1 inch ports ...

CBS-234 photo
Spee-Dee CBS-234 Volumetric Filler

Used Spee-Dee CBS-234 Volumetric Filler with: Infeed height: 85 inches Discharge height: 73 inches Discharge diameter: 3 inches Rexroth servo motor Rexroth Eco Drive controller Koyo Direct...

CBE photo
Spee-Dee Packaging CBE Volumetric Cup Filler

Used SpeeDee Packaging CBE Volumetric Cup Filler with: 4 pockets Rotary Output: up to 20 to 120 fills per minute, depending on product and filling volume Fill size range: 8cc to 3 liters, may require...

9822MN-2A photo
Alpha Pack Automatic 2 Nozzle Liquid Filler

Used Alpha Pack Automatic 2 Nozzle Liquid Filler with: Filling volume: 15-250 milliliters Speed: up to 48 bottles per minute PLC combines with touch screen conotrol system Motor driven rotary lobe pump...

Fimer Bottle Filler & Capper

Used Fimer Bottle Filler & Capper with: Output range: 2,500 bottles per hour Cap size: 28 millimeter ROPP caps Cap style: cork Number of filling heads: 12 Stainless steel construction Mounted...

Filamatic DAB-8-2 Filler with Conveyor

Used Filamatic DAB-8-2 Filler with Conveyor with: Filling Speeds: Capable of producing up to 16-174 cycles per minute. Fill volumes: Approximately up to 1ml to 260ml depending on the application. 316 SS...

Fisnar F4500N Benchtop Filler

Used Fisnar F4500N Benchtop Filler with: Aperture dimensions: Approximatley Height: 15 inches Base dimensions: Approximately Length: 22 inches Width: 22 inches Integral tip position adjustment...

Capmatic Patriot FC0411 Filler with Elevator

Used Capmatic Filler with: Speed: 60 BPM Two heads Two nozzles Vibratory pump feeder Stainless steel construction Filling range: Maximum: 25 grams Minimum: 25 miligrams Intermittent monoblock...

5000 photo
JDA Packaging 5000 Stainless Steel Volumetric Filler

Used JDA Packaging Volumetric Filler with: Infeed height: 77 inches Hopper dimensions: Diameter: 23 inches Staight wall: 4.5 inches Slanted wall: 17.5 inches Depth: 19 inches Discharge hopper:...

AS-2 photo
Simplex AS-2 Pneumatic Filler with Orienting Tables

Used Simplex Filler with: Product aperture: Width: 2 inches Height: 6 inches Hopper discharge diameter : 2 inch tri-clover Accumulator dimensions: Diameter: 30 inches Infeed height:...

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