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This type of filler is designed to work at high and low speeds while filling a container to a preset volume. Volumetric filling machines are based on a self-priming cylinder that determines the filling volume.

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Fimer Bottle Filler & Capper

Used Fimer Bottle Filler & Capper with: Output range: 2,500 bottles per hour Cap size: 28 millimeter ROPP caps Cap style: cork Number of filling heads: 12 Stainless steel construction Mounted...

00-001-00 photo
Accutek 00-001-00 Mini Pinch Table Top Filler

Used Accutek Table Top Filler with: Six stainless steel filling heads Toolless sanitary stainless steel manifold Micro processor controller Fill wand with pneumatic dispenser button Stainless steel...

Fisnar F4500N Benchtop Filler

Used Fisnar F4500N Benchtop Filler with: Aperture dimensions: Approximatley Height: 15 inches Base dimensions: Approximately Length: 22 inches Width: 22 inches Integral tip position adjustment...

Filamatic DAB-8-2 Filler with Conveyor

Used Filamatic DAB-8-2 Filler with Conveyor with: Filling Speeds: Capable of producing up to 16-174 cycles per minute. Fill volumes: Approximately up to 1ml to 260ml depending on the application. 316 SS...

Solbern PTF-DPL Stainless Steel Tumble Filler

Used Solbern Tumbler Filler with: Capacity: 35 - 600 containers per minute depending on product and container size Gentle handling and gradual filling Rapid container size changeover Variable tumbler...

Capmatic Patriot FC0411 Filler with Elevator

Used Capmatic Filler with: Speed: 60 BPM Two heads Two nozzles Vibratory pump feeder Stainless steel construction Filling range: Maximum: 25 grams Minimum: 25 miligrams Intermittent monoblock...

Promatic photo
Oden Promatic 6 Head Inline Volumetric Filler

Used Oden Promatic 6 Head Volumetric Filler with: Speeds up to 100 containers per minute depending on application (6) Oden Gen2 316L stainless steel positive shut off nozzles 10 Gallon conical hooper...

MF-C36 T LH photo
Elmar MF-C36 TLH 36 Pocket Volumetric Filler

Used Elmar 36 Pockets Volumetric Filler with: Number of stations: 35 Container sizes: 2 to 3.1875 inches, may require OEM change parts Straight sided Waukesha valve with .75 inch x 1 inch ports ...

CBS-234 photo
Spee-Dee CBS-234 Volumetric Filler

Used Spee-Dee CBS-234 Volumetric Filler with: Infeed height: 85 inches Discharge height: 73 inches Discharge diameter: 3 inches Rexroth servo motor Rexroth Eco Drive controller Koyo Direct...

CBE photo
Spee-Dee Packaging CBE Volumetric Cup Filler

Used SpeeDee Packaging CBE Volumetric Cup Filler with: 4 pockets Rotary Output: up to 20 to 120 fills per minute, depending on product and filling volume Fill size range: 8cc to 3 liters, may require...

AS-1 photo
Simplex AS-1 Single Head Piston Filler

Used Simplex AS-1 Filler with: Single piston filling head Hopper included Hopper capacity: approximately 7 gallons Stainless steel contact parts Table top design Additional included parts: replacement...

5000 photo
JDA Packaging 5000 Stainless Steel Volumetric Filler

Used JDA Packaging Volumetric Filler with: Infeed height: 77 inches Hopper dimensions: Diameter: 23 inches Staight wall: 4.5 inches Slanted wall: 17.5 inches Depth: 19 inches Discharge hopper:...

330-510  photo
Liquid Packaging Solutions 330-510 Filler

Used Liquid Packaging Solutions Filler with: Hopper dimensions: Diameter: 12 inches Straight wall: 8 inches Slanted wall: 9 inches Nozzle diameter: 1 inch Foot pedal Material: stainless...

AS-2 photo
Simplex AS-2 Pneumatic Filler with Orienting Tables

Used Simplex Filler with: Product aperture: Width: 2 inches Height: 6 inches Hopper discharge diameter : 2 inch tri-clover Accumulator dimensions: Diameter: 30 inches Infeed height:...

Bitorq Pneumatic Table Top Volumetric Filler

Used Bitorq Volumetric Filler with: Infeed height: 36 inches Hopper dimensions: Diameter: 17 inches Straight wall: 4 inches Slant wall: 17 inches Discharge height:...

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