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Fillers of this type are used for filling capsules with powder or pellets. Capsule fillers are primarily used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Most capsule filling machines operate by first filling the base of the capsule, and then scraping off the excess product. An automatic capsule filling machine may compress the powder into a soft slug, which is then inserted in the bottom capsule base.

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Capsulcn JTJ-V Capsule Filler

Capsulcn capsule filler with: Output speed: Up to 15,000 pieces per hour Overall dimensions: Length 1140 mm Width: 700 mm Height: 1630 mm Control Panel: Siemens Electrical: 220 volts, 50 Hz,...

NJP-4000D photo
Capsulcn NJP-4000D Capsule Filling Machine

Capsulcn NJP-4000D Capsule Filling Machine: Overall dimensions: Length: 1950 millimeters Width: 1260 millimeters Height: 2380 millimeters Maximum capacity: 240,000 pieces per hour Sutiable...

VSF-III photo
Vanguard Pharmaceutical VSF-III Capsule Filler

Used Vanguard Pharmaceutical VSF-III Capsule Filler with: Application: designed for a wide range of encapsulation applications Filling amount is adjusted by the number of rotations for the dosing disk Powder...

G60 photo
MG2 G60 Encapsulator

Used MG2 G60 Encapsulator with: Production speeds: up to 60,000 capsules per hour Capsule size: 00-5

Capplus 1201-12 7-Head Filler

Used Capplus 1201-12 7-Head Filler with: 7 head filling 316 Stainless Steel Construction Pneumatic Speed Control for Suction and Dispense Stroke Speeds D.C Adjustable Speed Motor: Rotations per minute:...

IMA Zanasi Z40F Capsule Filler

Used IMA Capsule Filler with: Output: up to 40,000 capsules per hour, depending on application Capsule size range: Minimum: 000 Maximum: 5 Supro A-E DB & DBAA Currently set up for 00 and 0...

Bosch GKF 700 Stainless Steel Capsule Filler

Used Bosch Capsule Filler with: Capacity/output: up to 700 capsules per minute Includes: Powder filling station Vacuum system for capsule separation Includes tooling for capsule size 00 - size...

40F photo
IMA Zanasi 40F Capsule Filler

Used Capsule Filler With: Output: up to 40,000 capsules per hour Intermittent motion Electrical: 220 volt, 60 hertz Change parts: 1, 3, and 4

S403V photo
CapPlus S403V 4" Dual Softgel Encapsulation System

Used CapPlus Encapsulation System with: Up to 28,000 softgels per hour depending on product 120 liter fill material transfer tank 5 liter hopper Touchscreen controls Adjustable die roll speed up to...

GFK 400 photo
Bosch GFK 400 Stainless Steel Capsule Filling Machine

Used Capsule Filling Machine with: Output: 400 capsules per minute For powder capsules Includes set of size "0" change parts Interlocking plexiglass safety gaurd Stainless steel construction...

CPT-50 photo
CapPlus CPT-50 Automatic Capsule Filler

Used CapPlus CPT-50 Automatic Encapsulator with: Replacement nozzles Foot pedal controls Electric motor drive components Variable frequency drive

I-200-ECE photo
Index I200ECE Stainless Steel Capsule Polisher

Used Index Capsule Polisher with: Output/capacity: Up to 5,000 per minute Up to 300,000 per hour Variable speed Empty capsule reject Adjustable angle Replaceable nylon brush All stainless...

SF-70 photo
Sejong SF 70 Stainless Steel Capsule Filler

Used Sejong Capsule Filler with: Output: Up to 1,166 per minute Up to 70,000 capsules per hour Hopper capacity: 6.6 Pounds 3 Kilograms Automatic operation Tooling included: 0 and 00...

721ER photo
Versacount 721ER Rotary Tablet Capsule Counter

Used Versacount Tablet Counter with: Output: up to 2,400 tablets per minute Count range: 1 to 10,000 tablets Table top style Stainless steel contact parts

CPT ULTRA 8 photo
Caplus CPT ULTRA 8 Semi Automatic Capsule Filler

Used Caplus Capsule Filler with: Output (capsule size): 5 : 16,000 - 28,000 per hour 4-3 : 21,000 - 33,000 per hour 2-1 : 21,000 - 28,000 per hour 0 - 0el : 16,000 - 24,000 00 - 00el : 9,000 - 16,000...

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