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Filling machines are used to fill a bottle, pouch, or other container with a product. This equipment is commonly used in the food industry. Fillers can be used to dispense a variety of products including liquids, pastes, chunky products, powders, granules, tablets, capsules, etc. Most filling machines are available from semi-automatic tabletop versions all the way up to high-speed production line machines.

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Premier Tech Chronos 725 NXT Forceflow Packer

Used Premier Tech Chronos Bag Filler with: Speed: up to 10 bags per minute Particle size: 0.375 inch and smaller Weight controller Bag capacity: 22-110 pounds Air requirements: 1.5 cubic feet @ 80 PSIG...

Federal G93R 9/3 Monoblock Filler

Used Federal Filler/Capper: Left-to-right operation 9 filling valves Nozzle dimensions: Diameter: 1 inch Center: 10 inches 3 capping heads Conveyor section dimensions: Width: 4.5 inches...

UltraSource SC-100 SS Hydraulic Piston Stuffer

New UltraSource SC-100 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Piston Stuffer with: Designed for gentle production and smear free products Types of suitable products: Sausage, ground meat and poultry, beef jerky, variety...

All Fill B-350-E Stainless Steel Auger Filler

Used Allfill Model B-350E Semi-Auto Auger Filling Machine With: Stainless steel contact parts Type: single head Auger Semi-automatic Foot pedal Control panel Stainless steel hopper Stainless...

Accutek SVF1-2 Semi-Automatic Single Head Piston Filler

Used Accutek Piston Filler with: Filling speed: up to 30 CPM Viscosity range: Maximum: 20,000 Centipoise Minimum: 1 Centipoise Overall approximate dimensions: Length: 22 inches Width: 10 inches...

Yangzhou Air Actuated Piston Filler

Used Yangzhou Piston Filler: Output: Approximatly 20-40 containers per minute depending on application Fill weight: 3.4 to 33.8 ounces Foot pedal operation Product hopper: Diameter: 10...

Fimer Bottle Filler & Capper

Used Fimer Bottle Filler & Capper with: Output range: 2,500 bottles per hour Cap size: 28 millimeter ROPP caps Cap style: cork Number of filling heads: 12 Stainless steel construction Mounted...

JDA Bottle Filler & Capper

Used JDA Bottle Filler & Capper with: JDA PF5000 pressure overflow bottle filler: Compatible with glass or plastic bottles Number of filling heads: 10 Overflow tank capacity: 20 gallons Container...

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Accutek 00-001-00 Mini Pinch Table Top Filler

Used Accutek Table Top Filler with: Six stainless steel filling heads Toolless sanitary stainless steel manifold Micro processor controller Fill wand with pneumatic dispenser button Stainless steel...

Acasi GI3300 Inline 12 Head Inline Filler

Used Acasi GI3300 12 Head Filler with: Last ran: up to (80) 16 ounce glass bottles per minute Output rate: up to 96 gallons per minute Conveyor dimensions: Adjustable height: currently set at 40 inches...

Filamatic DAB-8-2 Filler with Conveyor

Used Filamatic DAB-8-2 Filler with Conveyor with: Filling Speeds: Capable of producing up to 16-174 cycles per minute. Fill volumes: Approximately up to 1ml to 260ml depending on the application. 316 SS...

Fisnar F4500N Benchtop Filler

Used Fisnar F4500N Benchtop Filler with: Aperture dimensions: Approximatley Height: 15 inches Base dimensions: Approximately Length: 22 inches Width: 22 inches Integral tip position adjustment...

Perl Cos 8 Eight Head Vacuum Filler

Used Perl 8 Head Filler with: 8 head filler 5 inch centers Long slide bed conveyor: Length: 96 inches Width: 5 inches Height: 32 inches Foot pedal activated 0.5 horsepower motor Electrical:...

Mateer-Burt 1909 Neotron Filler

Used Mateer-Burt Filler with: Conical hopper dimensions: Diameter: 16 inches Depth: 10 inches Fill nozzle: 4 inches x 0.25 inches 3 shiv pulley for multiple auger speeds Motor: Horsepower:...

Solbern PTF-DPL Stainless Steel Tumble Filler

Used Solbern Tumbler Filler with: Capacity: 35 - 600 containers per minute depending on product and container size Gentle handling and gradual filling Rapid container size changeover Variable tumbler...

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