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Filling machines are used to fill a bottle, pouch, or other container with a product. This equipment is commonly used in the food industry. Fillers can be used to dispense a variety of products including liquids, pastes, chunky products, powders, granules, tablets, capsules, etc. Most filling machines are available from semi-automatic tabletop versions all the way up to high-speed production line machines.

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Four Head Inline Liquid Filler

Used four head inline filler with: Number of nozzles: four Fill range: 5 ounces to 1 gallon 2 inch trim clamp Conveyor width: 4.5 inches Extra Motors Jacketed storage tank Size:...

Capsulcn JTJ-V Capsule Filler

Capsulcn capsule filler with: Output speed: Up to 15,000 pieces per hour Overall dimensions: Length 1140 mm Width: 700 mm Height: 1630 mm Control Panel: Siemens Electrical: 220 volts, 50 Hz,...

Simplex 4 Head Stainless Steel Piston Filler with Jacketed Hopper

Used Simplex Piston Filler with: Last ran 12 oz and 1 gallon containers of barbecue sauce at up to 20 per minute 4 head Hopper capacity: 10 gallom Conveyor dimensions: Length: 7.5 feet...

ACASI GI 3300 6 Head Automatic Pressure Filler

New ACASI Machinery GI 3300 Automatic Overflow Filler with: 20 gallon ss overflow tank Nozzle size: 1/2 inch diameter Container height adjustment range: 1.5 to 16 inches high Stainless steel overflow...

Ohlson 2M2 Dual Lane Linear Weigh Filler

Used Ohlson Filler with: Linear net weigh filler Number of lanes: 2 Hopper: Capacity: 2.3 cubic feet Manually adjustable flow gates (to feed pans) Dimensions (inches): 18 long x 16 wide x 14 deep...

Per-Fil MF Auger Filler

Used Per-Fil auger filler with: Fill capacity: up to 1000 grams Semi-automatic Stainless steel contact parts Previous use: powder and granular particulates Foot pedal controls Mounted on casters ...

ACASI Trupiston 12 Head Servo Driven Inline Piston Filler

New ACASI Trupiston 12 Head Servo Driven Inline Piston Filler with: High-precision, SERVO electrically driven ball screw movement for nozzles 21 ounce maximum fill, rotary valve piston Nozzles: IBSO...

MeHeen 6 Station Filler/Crowner

Used MeHeen Filler/Crowner with: 6 head filler/crowner Current set up: 22 ounce glass bottles Rinse rack Includes pump

NJP-4000D photo
Capsulcn NJP-4000D Capsule Filling Machine

Capsulcn NJP-4000D Capsule Filling Machine: Overall dimensions: Length: 1950 millimeters Width: 1260 millimeters Height: 2380 millimeters Maximum capacity: 240,000 pieces per hour Sutiable...

Animas Automated Canning System

Used Animas Automated Canning System with: Last running 16 ounce cans Last running can top dimension: Approximately 1 inch Air requirements: 90 psi CO2: 20 psi Motor: Voltage: 220 volts...

Accutek SVF 31 Single Head Piston Volumetric Filler

New Accutek SVF 31 Single Head Piston Volumetric Filler with: BUDGETARY PRICING Heavy duty stainless steel Nozzle: SVF sanitary nozzle 1-1/2 inch sanitary 32 ounce product cylinder 32...

Inline Packaging Systems 6 Head Filler w Crowner

Used Inline Packaging Filler with: Microcarbinated filler Output: up to 30 bottles per minute, depending on product pressure & temperature Valves: Total number: 6 Liquid pinch valves Flow meters...

Farmomac F 340 Monoblock Piston Filler

Used Faromac Monoblock Piston Filler with: Speed: up to 6000 bottles per hour with 370 milliliter bottles Speed: up to 7500 bottles per hour with 200 milliliter bottles Maximum bottle dimensions: Diameter:...

Colton-Hope 8 Head Piston Filler

Used 8-Head Piston Filler with: Speed: Up to 100 bottles per minute Capacity of 12 to 13 cycles per minute with 8 bottles per cycle Filler diameter: 16 millimeters Fill volume: 10 ounces Last used...

Apacks 2 Head Stainless Steel Piston Filler with 6 Inch Wide Conveyor

Used Apacks Piston Filler with: Heads: 2 Conveyor dimensions: Height: 35 inches Width: 6 inches Length: 10 feet Conveyor type: plastic mat-top Fill height from conveyor: 8 inches(adjustable)...

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