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This type of tank is designed for temperature control. Jacketed tanks can keep a product either hot or cold by circulating fluid. They can be horizontally or vertically oriented. Some also have agitators inside to mix products.

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Pioneer Tank & Vessel Insulated Storage Container

Used Pioneer Tank & Vessel Container with: Capacity: 30 gallons Double-wall insulated Stainless steel jacketed Ability to connect to chiller Used for ethanol storage Custom made

50000 Gal photo
Mueller 50000 Gallon T304 Stainless Steel Silo

Used Mueller Tank Silo with: Vertical orientation Capacity: 50,000 gallons Jacketed: Dimpled Coverage: sidewall bottom 120 inches Bottom side entering agitator Alcove with manway & various...

Creamery Package 600 Gallon, Stainless, Jacketed Tank with Agitation

Used Creamery Package 600 Gallon Stainless Tank with: Size: 600 gallon Stainless steel Dome top 18 inch manway (4) Various top inlets Top entering agitator Diameter: 68 inches Straight...

1,200 gallon photo
Cherry Burrell 1,200 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Closed Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank with: Capacity: approximately 1,200 gallons Interior dimensions: approximately 72 inches diameter X 84 inches deep Dished top head 18 inches diameter...

FB-50 photo
Northland Stainless FB-50 100 Gallon Reactor Tank

Used Northland Stainless FB-50 Reactor Tank with: Capacity: 100 gallon Shell diameter: 30 inches Agitation: Propeller Shell rated: 50 pounds per square inch full vacuum 300 degree Fahrenheit ...

Cherry Burrell Stainless Steel 100 Gallon Reactor Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Stainless Steel Reactor Tank with: Capacity: 100 gallons Shell rated: 60 pounds per square inch vacuum 300 degrees Fahrenheit Jacket rated: 115 pounds per square inch ...

Theo Walter 100 Gallon Stainless Steel Agitated Vacuum Reactor

Used Theo Walter Reactor with: Capacity: 100 gallons Aproximate interior dimensions: Diameter: 27 inches Straight side: 30 inches Welded dish top Jacketed for 115 PSI 12 inch diameter propeller...

Northland 130 Gallon Stainless Jacketed Reactor Tank

Used Northland Stainless Jacketed Reactor Tank with: Capacity: 130 gallons Vessel dimensions: Approx. 30 diameter x 84 height (inches) Shell rated: 50 pounds per square inch full vacuum 350 degrees...

Lee 60 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank

Used Lee Metal Products Jacketed Kettle Tank with: Capacity: 60 gallons Agitation: Two way double agitation with scrape surface ***Drive motor not included*** Jacket rated: 40 pounds per square...

TME 500 Liter Stainless Steel Reactor

Used TME Reactor with: Capacity: 500 liters (132 gallons) Bolted dished top Dished bottom Internal rating: 35 PSI @ 281­°F Jacket rating:45 PSI @ 292°F Center bottom outlet Top driven...

T&C Stainless 370 Gallon 316L SS Jacketed Reactor with Agitaion

Used T&C Stainless Agitated Mixing Reactor with: Size: 370 Gallons 1,400 Liters 316L stainless steel Dome top Top entering agitator with gear motor 1.5 Hp Diameter: 48 inches Straight...

T&C Stainless 740 Gallon, 316L SS Jacketed Agitated Reactor

Used T&C Stainless Jacketed Tank with: Size: 740 gallons 2,800 Liters 316L stainless steel Dome top Top entering agitation 1.5 Hp motor Diameter: 5 feet Straight side wall: 5 feet...

132 Gallon, 500 Liter, S/S, Jacketed, Cone Bottom Tank w Agitation

Used 132 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank with: Size: 132 Gallon 500 Liter Stainless steel Dome top Manway: 18 inch diameter (2) 2" & (2) 3" diameter tri-clamp inlets Center...

300 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank

Used Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank With: Capacity: 300 gallons Hinged lid Dish bottom CBO: 2 inches Dimensions: 42 diameter x 48 T/T (inches) Flat top with bridge for mixer Has mixing shaft, no...

PZ-CB-B photo
Walker 200 Gallon 304 Stainless Steel Jacketed Mix Tank

Used Walker 200 Gallon Jacketed Mix Tank with: Size: 200 gallon Stainless steel 304 Model: PZ-CB-B Full jacket Maximum Atmosheric Working Pressure: 75 PSIG at 250 F Minimum Design Metal Temperature:...

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