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This type of tank is designed for temperature control. Jacketed tanks can keep a product either hot or cold by circulating fluid. They can be horizontally or vertically oriented. Some also have agitators inside to mix products.

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T&C Stainless 370 Gallon 316L SS Jacketed Reactor with Agitaion

Used T&C Stainless Agitated Mixing Reactor with: Size: 370 Gallons 1,400 Liters 316L stainless steel Dome top Top entering agitator with gear motor 1.5 Hp Diameter: 48 inches Straight...

300 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank

Used Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank With: Capacity: 300 gallons Hinged lid Dish bottom CBO: 2 inches Dimensions: 42 diameter x 48 T/T (inches) Flat top with bridge for mixer Has mixing shaft, no...

1000 Liter Stainless Steel Jacketed Mixing Tank w Scrape Agitation

Used Tanis Food Tech Lelystad Stainless Steel Jacketed Mix Tank with: Size: 1000 Liter 260 gallons Stainless steel Agitation: Single motion Scrape Jacketed: Rating: 50 PSI @ 220...

Coastal Technologies Inc 375 Gallon Stainless Steel Vertical Tank

Used Vertical Tank With: Capacity: 375 gallons Jacket rating: 150 psi @ 400 degrees Fahrenheit Dome top: 10 inches 2 flanges: 4 inches 2 NPT: 1 inch 1 Sanitary tri-clamp: 2 inches 1 Sanitary...

G Hicks and Sons 250 Gallon Vertical Stainless Steel Jacketed Tank

Used G Hicks and Sons Stainless Steel Tank With: Capacity: 250 gallons Half Jacketed Jacket rating: 50 PSI at 300° F Half hinged top Dimensions: Diameter: 42 inches Straight side:...

VacuShear photo
AB Process Systems VacuShear Jacketed Tank 400 Gal

Used AB Process Systems VacuShear Tank with: Sanitary vacuum liqui-processor Capacity: approximately 400 gallons Vessel/shell: MAWP: 15 PSI at 250 degrees Fahrenheit MAEWP: 15 PSI...

300 Gallon photo
Crepaco 300 Gallon Agitated Jacketed Mixing Kettle

Used Crepaco Kettle with: 300 gallon capacity 75 PSI rated heat exchange jacket Bottom center mounted outlet Bottom outlet exhaust valve Side scrape agitation with plow Top side mounted 90° inlet...

396 Gal photo
396 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Reactor Tank

Used Reactor Tank with: Capacity: 396 gallons Pharmaceutical grade Jacketed: Dimpled Coverage: side wall Rated: 100 psi @ -20 - 300° Fahrenheit Internal rating: 50 psi @ -20 - 300°...

396 Gal photo
Precision 396 Gallon SS Jacketed Reactor Tank

Used Precision Stainless Reactor Tank with: Capacity: 396 Gallons 1,500 Liters Jacketed: Coverage: full Rated: 100 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Top mounted various sized...

400 Gal photo
APV 400 Gal 316 Stainless Steel Jacketed Mix Tank

Used APV Mix Tank with: Capacity: 400 gallons Jacketed: Coverage: full Rated: 75 psi @ 350° Fahrenheit Agitation: Side & bottom scrape Counter-rotating center crossbars...

1200LU photo
Lee 1200LU 300 Gallon Stainless Vertical Reactor

Used Lee Reactor with: Capacity: 300 Gallons Full steam jacket: MAWP: 100 PSI @ 338° Fahrenheit MDMT: -20° Fahrenheit @ 100 PSI Nine top inlets of various sizes Four outlets:...

400 Gal photo
Expert Industries 400 Gallon SS Jacketed Mix Tank

Used Expert Industries Mix Tank with: Capacity: 400 gallons Straight top, dish bottom Jacketed: Dimpled jacket Coverage: full Rated: 45 psi @ 212° Fahrenheit Agitation: (2) Fixed baffles...

250 Gal photo
Cherry Burrell 250 Gal SS Jacketed Processor Tank

Used Cherry Burrell Tank with: Capacity: 250 gallons Dish top, cone bottom Jacketed: Rated: 22.5 psi Coverage: sidewalls & cone Top mounted: Various sized inlets...

400 Gallon SS Full Jacketed Reactor Tank

Used Jacketed Reactor with: Capacity: 400 gallons Vessel dimensions: Diameter: 48 inches Straight side: 48 inches Overall height: 108 inches 10 inch dished heads Top-mounted 8 bolt...

290 Gal photo
Mueller 290 Gallon SS Triple Jacketed Reactor Tank

Used Mueller Reactor Tank with: Capacity: 290 Gallons 1,100 Liters Jacketed: Triple jacket Rated: 50 psi @ 300° Fahrenheit Internal vessel rated: 30 & FV psi @ 300°...

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