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Using an insulated tank slows down temperature change of a product. This maintains a specific temperature for a longer period of time.

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3 Compartment Tank with Heat Exchanger

Used 3 Compartment Tank with: Chart recorder ProFlow heat exhanger Compartment capacity: 150 gallons 1 1/2 inch outlet on each compartment Manifold across the front No pumps included Has plug valve...

75 Gal photo
75 Gallon Open Top Mix Tank

Used Mix Tank with: Capacity: 75 gallons Agitation: (2) Tiered dual blade turbines Driven by 1/4 horsepower motor Insulated & shrouded Full cover - 1/3 removable Bottom center to front...

Alloy Fab 200 Gallon SS Jacketed Vacuum Vessel

Used Alloy Fab Tank with: Capacity: 200 gallons Jacketed: Dimpled Coverage: side walls Rated: 90 psi @ 100° Fahrenheit Internally rated: 30/full vacuum @ 100° Fahrenheit Top mounted: ...

Walker Stainless Steel Polished Vertical Sanitary Tank 9700 Gallons

Used Stainless Steel Vertical Tank with: Capacity: 9,700 gallons Insulation wrapped: 8 feet Wall: 12 gauge thickness Double wall with 3 inch insulation Dished top head Flat sloped bottom Carbon...

Stainless Steel Insulated Tank 11500 Gallons

Used Stainless Steel Insulated Storage Tank with: Capacity: Approximately 11,500 gallons Single shell with insulation and corrugated wrap Slight cone top Flat bottom Previously pad mounted Inlet/outlet...

700 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Mixing Tank

New Jacketed Mix Tank With: Capacity: 700 Gallons Propeller agitator Insulation: 2 inches Inverted conical top Conical bottom Center bottom outlet Sprayball CIP Inlet and outlet connection:...

Crepaco 350 Gallon SS Center Agitator Holding Tank

Used Crepaco 350 Gallon Holding Tank with: Manway: 16.5 inch diameter flip top with screen Top center mounted CIP ball 2 inch insulation Top side mounted filter 1 horsepower mixing motor Top...

300 Gallon SS Single Wall Tank w High Shear Mixer

Used 300 Gallon SS Single Wall Tank w High Shear Mixer with: 300 gallon capacity Stainless steel construction Agitation: High shear Paddle Inside tank dimensions: 67 inches long x 48...

SB 2 Gal photo
Tecnicoll 2 Gallon SS Mixing and Melting Tank

Used Tecnicoll Tank with: Capacity: 2 gallons Agitation: Mounted on table agitator with standard mixer Manual height adjustment Insulation heater adjust: 1 - 392° Fahrenheit 316 Stainless...

40,000 Gallon Insulated Silo

Used Insulated Silo: Capacity: 40,000 gallons Dimensions: Height: 46 feet Diameter: 12 feet 316 stainless steel interior Painted carbon steel exterior Fiber Foam insulation Side mounted...

Stainless Steel 11,500 Gallon Storage Tank

Used Stainless Steel Storage Tank with: Previously used in cannabis processing facility Capacity: approximately 11,500 gallons Single shell with insulation and corrugated wrap Slight cone top, straight...

Walker 9,700 Gallon 304 Stainless Steel Polished Tank

Used Walker 304 Stainless Steel Polished Tank with: Capacity: 9,700 gallons Dish top, sloped bottom Side mounted: Alcove: Manway: 16 x 20 inches Faceplate with extension Dimensions: (inches): 60.75...

1,500 Gallon Vertical Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Used 1,500 Gallon Vertical Tank with: Capacity: approximately 1,500 gallons Dish top & bottom Top mounted: Hinged manway Various sized fittings Bottom discharge Heating coil Insulated...

900 Gallon Stainless Steel Tank

Used 900 Gallon Tank with: Capacity: approximately 900 gallons Dome top Top mounted: Hinged manway Various sized fittings Discharge outlet: Center bottom Ball valve Insulated 316...

10000 Gal photo
Mueller 10000 Gallon Stainless Steel Insulated Vertical Silo Tank

Used Mueller Vertical Silo Tank with: Capacity: 10,000 gallons Side Alcove: 10 inches deep Inlet: 2 inches Outlet: 2 inches Manway: 10 inches Insulated Vertical agitation Approximate...

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