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If you have any of the following equipment, or similar, available for sale, please contact the SIGMA Sales Team or click to submit your equipment online. Wanted requests are active for 30 days or until found.

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Item Needed Category Added
Potato Peeler, (Blade style, Not abrasive rollers)Cleaner9/24/2018Sell Cleaner
Inline topsheet dispensersPalletizer9/24/2018Sell Palletizer
Scott Mixer Two Lane Pouch Chilling SystemChiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator9/24/2018Sell Chiller, Cooler, Freezer, and Refrigerator
Reed Revolving Tray Oven, 48+ Tray CapacityRevolving Tray Oven/ Oven9/21/2018Sell Revolving Tray Oven
Eastey 25A BundlerMultipacker and Bundler/ Shrink Equipment9/21/2018Sell Multipacker and Bundler
80 Gallon Vacuum Kettle Electric with Agitation<99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle/ Kettle9/21/2018Sell <99 Gallon Stainless Steel Kettle
Tunnel Pasteurizer for 12oz CansMiscellaneous Equipment9/20/2018Sell Miscellaneous Equipment
Checkweigher, 3 Belt, Load Cell 8"W x 21"L, Reject6+ Inches Checkweigher Belt Width/ Checkweigher, Belt/ Product Inspection9/20/2018Sell 6+ Inches Checkweigher Belt Width
Weighpack Vertek Junior VFFS PerScale and Net Weigh Filler VFFS/ Vertical Form Fill Seal/ Form, Fill and Seal9/20/2018Sell Scale and Net Weigh Filler VFFS
Great Western Manufacturing Tru-Balance SifterSifter9/20/2018Sell Sifter
Fastback 12-18 Inch Wide Retractable ConveyorVibratory and Slide Conveyor/ Conveyor9/20/2018Sell Vibratory and Slide Conveyor
Ice Cream Sandwich MachineExtruder9/20/2018Sell Extruder
Lidem machine for stuffing pillows, cushions, toysFiller9/20/2018Sell Filler
ULMA Galaxy Stretch Film Tray WrapperStretch Film Tray Wrapper/ Tray Sealer9/20/2018Sell Stretch Film Tray Wrapper
12,000 – 20,000 gallon stainless tank, 1/4" thick5000+ Gallon SS Single Wall Tank or Silo/ Single Wall Tanks/ Tank, Stainless Steel9/5/2018Sell 5000+ Gallon SS Single Wall Tank or Silo
Formatic R1200 Cookie Moulder DepositorDepositor/ Bakery Equipment8/29/2018Sell Depositor
Jabez Jubilee 15R Coffee Roasting SystemMiscellaneous Equipment2/28/2018Sell Miscellaneous Equipment
Breddo Likwifier LORWWSS Jacketed Sweep 100 Gal.Liquefier Blender/ Mixer and Blender2/20/2018Sell Liquefier Blender

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