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A Depositor portions dough, fillings, and batters onto moving or stationary lines. This type of equipment can be used for soft doughs to make spritz or drop cookies. A depositor can be paired with a guillotine to slice hard dough as it is extruded. Depositors can use pneumatic, pistons, servo/pistons and pumps to flow content through the unit.

I-Spot photo
Unifiller ISpot Stainless Steel Depositor
Inventory #: G5492

Unifiller Depositor with: Application: Draw and deposit smooth product (without particulates) Fits draw containers up to 23" deep (Hobart 80 quart bowl) Output: Up to 140 cycles per...

SC-3026 photo
Hinds-Bock SC-3026 Indexing Conveyor & Depositors
Inventory #: G5125

Used Hinds-Bock SC-3026 Indexing Conveyor & Depositors with: (3) 4P-01 depositors designed for high speed depositing of sauce, condiments and fillings into vacuum formers or pre made cups ...

CE-46-MTR-FCC II photo
Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: G4906

Used Polin CE-46-MTR-FCC II Multidrop Cookie Depositor with: Designed to drop, inject or extrude dough Previously used for bread loaves, approximately 2 pounds each Includes inserts for bread and cookies...

Kook-e-King photo
Rhodes Automatic Kook-e-King Cookie Depositor
Inventory #: G4179

Used Rhodes Automatic Kook-e-King Cookie Depositor with: Automatic operation cookie depositor with extra dies 40 pound hopper capacity Makes 90-360 deposits per minute Programmable portioning ...

SP-64 photo
Hinds-Bock SP-64 Single Piston Batter Depositor
Inventory #: G3532

Used Hindsbock SP-64 Single Piston Batter Depositor with: Ideal for: hummus, guacamole, salsa and tzatiki, cake and muffin batter with/without inclusions, deli salads, soup, chili and stew, all types of sauces...

Custom photo
Delc Engineering Custom Dual Head Depositor
Inventory #: G3270

Used Delc Engineering Custom Dual Head Depositor with: Programmable touch screen Precision scales: 50g-500g 12 gallon hopper Output: up to 30 deposits per minute depending on product Small footprint...

5P photo
Hinds Bock 5P Tabletop Stainless Steel Depositor
Inventory #: G3102

Used Hinds Bock Depositor with: Applications: Muffin & cake batters Batters with delicate particulates such as blueberries, chocolate chips, etc. Output: up to 1,200 muffins per hour...

Rademaker Stainless Steel 8 Valve Piston Depositor
Inventory #: G2577

Used Rademaker 5 Valve Piston Depositor with 8 valves Depositor height from floor: 37 inches Application: bakery filler/depositor for croissants, cookies, etc. All stainless steel wash-down design...

1000i photo
Unifiller 1000i Stainless Steel Depositor
Inventory #: G1270

Used Unifiller 1000i Depositor with: Application: used for clean depositing and filling of batters, soups, stews, chunky fillings, sauces and ready meals Speed: up to 140 cycles per minute Deposit range:...

Multidrop photo
Polin Multidrop Compact 46 FL Junior Depositor
Inventory #: G1730

Used Polin Depositor with: Output: Up to 20 strokes per minute 20 strokes x 8 nozzles: 160 deposits per minute Pump head for soft doughs PLC touch screen controls Wire cut attachment...

UNISTREUG-900-700-600 photo
Fritsch UNISTREUG-900-700-600 Streusel Applicator
Inventory #: G1479

Used Fritsch UNISTREUG-900-700-600 Streusel Applicator with: Hopper dimensions: 23.5 inches wide x 15 inches long x 11 inches high .5 horsepower motor Discharge height: 42 inches Manual switches...

UNI-V-694 photo
Unifiller UNI-V-694 Piston Depositor
Inventory #: G1741

Used Unifiller UNI-V-694 Piston Depositor with: 7 nozzles with standard piping tips Tips can be easily changed out 11 inch wide depositing head Nozzles are 8.5 inches from center to center, spaced...

141394 photo
Colborne Foodbotics DMP-20 Multi-Piston Depositor
Inventory #: G1734Featured

Used Colborne Foodbotics DMP-20 Multi-Piston Depositor with: Complete PLC controls with programmable memory Mechanically adjustable deposit head Cycles per minute: 75 Deposits per piston: 10.5...

5P-08WT photo
Hinds-Bock 5P-08WT Tabletop Muffin/Cake Depositor
Inventory #: D9444

Used Hinds-Bock 5P-08WT Tabletop Muffin/Cake Depositor with: 35-gallon stainless steel hopper Pneumatic powered No tools required for removing the hopper Depositor is designed to operate with various...

APV 32 Inch Wide Wire Cut Depositor
Inventory #: D9026Can Rent

Used APV Wire Cut Depositor with: Conveyor dimensions: 32 inches wide x 51 inches long Hopper dimensions: 12.5 inches long x 32 inches wide x 20 inches deep Infeed height: 73 inches Discharge...

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