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Used Rheon Bakery Equipment

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VX121 photo
Rheon VX121 Stress Free Dough Divider
Inventory #: C9613

Used Rheon VX121 Stress Free Dough Divider with: Performs without giving any mechanical force into the dough: perfect for dividing well-fermented gassy dough accurately into portions without being affected...

VX121 photo
Rheon V4 SFD VX121 Stress Free Dough Divider
Inventory #: C6062

Used Rheon V4 SFD VX121 Stress Free Dough Divider with: Uniformly divides dough without damaging its structure Applications: wide variety of artisan breads with natural yeast, sour bread, ciabatta, brioche,...

V4 photo
Rheon Stress Free V4 Dough Feeder
Inventory #: C4499

Used Rheon Stress Free V4 Dough Feeder with: Output capability: 1200 kg/Hour (2645.55 pounds per hour) Output dough width: 200 mm (7.87 inches) Output dough thickness: 20 mm (0.79 inches) Length...

V4 photo
Rheon V4 Dough Sheeting Line Stress Free Roller
Inventory #: B7104R

Used Rheon Dough Sheeting Line with: Labor free dough supply production for various type of product Stress free dough sheet can be constantly fed even extremely delicate dough Transform your existing...

BF102 photo
Rheon Rounder Model BF102
Inventory #: A3306

Used Rheon Rounder with: Four 5" belts. 2 3/8" product flow. Fully adjustable product flow. 4 induction geared motors total. 2 GTR GFM-15-50-T60K motors. Motor specs are as follows:...

PC-101 photo
Rheon PC-101 Pile-Up Table
Inventory #: A1964

Used Rheon PC-101 Pile-Up Table with: Conveyor belt is 70 inches long x 20-1/2 inch wide Conveyor elevation pictured at 24-1/2 inch above the floor Control panel included Hopper is 18-1/4 inch long...

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