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F-T01-A photo
FMC Syntron FT01A Vibratory Magnetic Feeder
Inventory #: D2357

Used FMC Syntron FT01A vibratory Magnetic Feeder with: Feed Rate: 2 tons per hour Three (3) inch x 18 inch standard flat pan trough Digital control panel Foot pedal activation Casters for ease...

QSO photo
FMC Mojonnier Q Flo-Mix QSO Syrup Proportioner
Inventory #: C8909

Used FMC Mojonnier Q Flo-Mix QSO Syrup Proportioner with: Push-button type controls Variable speed controls Stainless steel construction

100 photo
FMC 100 Paddle Type Pulper Finisher
Inventory #: C8163

Used FMC 100 Pulper Finisher with: Paddle type pulper/finisher 4 inch diameter infeed 30 horsepower motor All stainless steel pulper on painted steel stand Output: up to 20 tons per hour as a...

FMC Linear Net Weight Filler
Inventory #: C5000

Used FMC Linear Net Weight Filler with: Hopper dementions of 17 inches long by 16 inches wide by 17 inches deep Discharge height 47 inches Clearance between discharge and product container 17 inches...

Syntron photo
FMC Syntron Cap Sorter
Inventory #: C4886

Used FMC Syntron Cap Sorter with: 18 inch bowl diameter Set to run .25 inch tall cap 2.25 inch diameter wide cap Hopper opening 21 inches long x 21 inches wide x 11 inch deep on straight side ...

Steritort photo
FMC Reid Boiler Works Lab Steritort
Inventory #: C3863

Used FMC Reid Boiler Works Lab Steritort with: Air requirements: 45 psi at 450 degrees Farhrenheit Includes set of five reels: 603, 401, 307, 300, 211 Taylor Instrumentation recorder and controller...

SD1806 X 33'10
FMC Food Tech Vibratory Conveyor SD1806x33'10"LG
Inventory #: C2892

Used FMC Food Tech Vibratory Conveyor with: Stainless steel slide conveyor with motor drive Approximately 17.75 inches wide x 6 inches deep Approximately 406 inches long Perfect for gently transporting...

SD 1860x24'x3
FMC Allen SD LG Vibratory Conveyor w Exit Slides
Inventory #: C2829

Used Allen FMC Vibratory Conveyor with: Approximately 17.5 inches wide x 143 inches long Stainless steel Stroke: 1.35 IN Speed: 297

Crossfeeder photo
Allen FMC Cross Feeder Slide Conveyor 18"W x 236"L
Inventory #: C2830

Used FMC Cross Feeder Slide Conveyor with: Conveyor dimensions: 17.5 inches wide x 236.5 inches long Trough depth: 6 inches Two discharge points, one closeable Outfeed dimensions: 8 inches x 17...

Complete Frozen French Fry Line
Inventory #: C2316

Used Complete Frozen French Fry Line with: The peeled potatoes arrive to the buffer tank from where they are distributed to a strip cutter or to a pump cutter. The cuts are then led to the curved screen...

LB-115 Laminator photo
Crathern FMC LB-115 Laminator
Inventory #: B9266

Used Crathern FMC LB-115 Laminator with: Commercial print laminator Mild steel frame Adjustable table

FB5-SL photo
Crathern-FMC FB5-SL Auto Spotter
Inventory #: B9267

Used Crathern-FMC FB5-SL Auto Spotter with: Case inside gluer Cold glue on card boards Capacity: 600 cases per hour Vacuum conveyor

1205X72 photo
Allen Vibratory Conveyor VF-1205 w/ Fines Removal
Inventory #: B5971R

Used FCE Vibratory Separation Conveyor on 4 Legs with: Feeder size of 72 inches long x 12 inches wide x 5 inches tall Currently 48.5 inches off ground 4 inch diameter fines outfeed...

B photo
FMC Automated Rigid Box Manufacturing Line
Inventory #: B6190

Used FMC Automated Rigid Box Manufacturing Line: Feeder Gluer Quad stayer

WS-20 photo
FMC Horizontal Flow Wrapper WS-20
Inventory #: B2487

Used FMC Horizontal Flow Wrapper WS-20 with: Hot knife end seal 120-300 packages per minute Maximum package size: 18 inch length 10 inch wide 3 inch height Whedco conveyor...

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