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Used Vertical Baler Equipment

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Balers that are configured vertically are typically hand loaded. The wires that go around the bales must be loaded into the baler manually. Recyclables are compressed from the top. After the bale is formed and the door is opened, the bale ejects onto a pre-placed pallet for transport. Vertical balers are useful for businesses that want to save space by compacting bales of recyclable materials.

Hapman Vertical Bag Compactor Baler
Inventory #: D6445

Used Hapman Bag Compactor with Stainless steel construction Dual pneumatic power cylinders Visual “in cycle” indicator Compression delay valve Removable bale forming bucket Safety...

Cram-A-Lot photo
J.V. Manufacturing Cram-A-Lot Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D6119

Used J.V. Manufacturing Cram-A-Lot Vertical Baler with: Overall dimensions: Width: 74 inches Height: 150 inches Depth: 35 inches Load opening: Width: 60 inches Height:...

V-1224-02 photo
Marathon V-4224 Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D6118

Used Marathon V-4224 Vertical Baler with: Bale Chamber: Height: 28 inches Depth: 24 inches Load opening: Width: 42 inches Height: 20 inches Cycle time: 40 seconds...

2300HD L-H photo
Philadelphia Tramrail Co. 2300HD LH Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D4970

Used Philadelphia Tramrail Co. 2300HD L-H Vertical Baler with: Overall Dimensions: 78"wide x 41" deep x 152" height Cylinder Bore 6" Cylinder Rod 3 1/2" Feed Height 54...

3600HDLP photo
PTR 3600HDLP 60 Inch Low Profile Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D4801

Used PTR 3600HDLP 60 Inch Low Profile Vertical Baler with: 10 HP 6 inch cylinder 67,850 lbs. total baling force 30” x 48” x 60” bale size Max height is right at 8’

M60CB photo
Harmony M60CB Low Profile Baler
Inventory #: D4791

Used Harmony M60CB Low Profile Baler with: Cardboard Bale Size: 30” x 60” x up to 51” (762 mm x 1,524 mm x up to 1,295 mm) Cardboard Bale Weight: up to 1,000 lbs. (454 kg) Ram Force:...

DX-84 photo
Cram-A-Lot DX-84 Twin Cylinder Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D4396

Used Cram-A-Lot DX-84 Twin Cylinder Vertical Baler with: New wear bars 124,400 lbs. of baling force New hoses and oil Twin 6” cylinders Cylinders and pump have been tested New control...

Climate Manufacturing Variable Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D4216

Used Climate Manufacturing Variable Vertical Baler with: 25 Horsepower 7 inch cylinder Semi-Automatic Bale dimensions: 27 inches long x 15 inches wide x variable height

VB-60-H photo
JV VB-60-H Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D2330

Used JV VB-60-H Vertical Baler with: Feed opening height: 24 inches Load height: 52 inches Nominal bale size: 60 inches long x 30 inches width x 48 inches high Cylinder: 7 inch diameter Bale weight:...

V-6030-HD-02 photo
Marathon V-6030-HD-02 Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D1500

Used Marathon V-6030-HD-02 Vertical Baler with: Sixty (60) inch finished bale width Bale weight up to 1,000 pounds System pressure 2,000 PSI Maximum platen force 62,200 pounds Cylinder ...

M-60 MD photo
GPI Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D1511

Used GPI Vertical Baler with: 60″ bale size (approx. 700-800# corrugated) 2 stage hydraulic compaction, tie & bale eject, safety interlocks. 3 phase electric drive with a 220 phase converter...

V5-HD photo
Selco Harris V5-HD Vertical Baler
Inventory #: D1509

Used Selco Ha6 6.5 inch cylinder with 48 inch stoke – ram Bale Size: 30 inches x 48 inches x 60 inches Weight up to 1000 lbs. of OCC Feed Opening: 60 inches x 27 inches Overall Dimensions:...

1,000 LB Capacity Baler
Inventory #: D1508

Used 1,000 LB Capacity Baler with: 1,000 pounds capacity 10 inche cylinder lift chamber Pens within 10 inches of bottom 30 horsepower Chamber dimensions: 42 inches wide x 33 inches deep ...

V-6030 photo
Marathon V-6030 Vertical Baler
Inventory #: C8007

Used Marathon V-6030 Vertical Baler with: Bale size: 48 inches high x 60 inches wide x 30 inches deep Cylinder: 6 inch bore 10 horsepower motor

V32 photo
C&M Baling Systems V32 Compact Vertical Baler
Inventory #: C4790

Used C&M Baling Systems V32 Compact Vertical Baler with: 2 horsepower motor Bale size of 36 inches x 24 inches x 30 inches

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