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An industrial baler compresses materials into compact bundles for transport. Often, this equipment is used to bale waste such as plastic, corrugated fiberboard, paper, cans and foil for recycling. Simple balers are best for small volumes, while more complex equipment is required for larger volumes. Horizontal balers form bales horizontally, and vertical balers form bales vertically.

1272 HD photo
International Closed Door Baler 1272 HD
Inventory #: G5783

Used International Closed Door Baler 1272 HD with: 30 horsepower motor 7 inch cylinder Hydraulic door latch Feed opening with flared hopper (inches): 30 x 50 Bale size (inches): 72 x 30 x 36 ...

7242WS photo
American Baler 7242WS Horizontal Auto Tie Baler
Inventory #: G5773

Used American Baler 7242WS Horizontal Auto Tie Baler with: 75 horsepower motor 8 inch cylinder 20 horsepower dual fluffer package Wide mouth opening: 72 length inches x 42 wide inches Above ground...

Gemini 3560 photo
Marathon Gemini 3560 Horizontal Closed End Baler
Inventory #: G4683

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 34 seconds Horsepower: 20 Twin bore cylinders: Diameter: 6 inches each Rod: 40 inches Stroke: 57 inches Bale specs: Full eject Bale...

SE-503042-720 photo
Marathon Horizontal 20 HP Automatic Baler
Inventory #: G4680

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time: 21 seconds Horsepower: 20 Cylinder: Bore: 7 inches Rod: 4.5 inches Stroke: 68 inches Bale specs: Side bale eject Weight: 1,200...

M60MD photo
GPI M60MD Vertical Baler with Compact Design
Inventory #: G4542

Used GPI M60MD Vertical Baler with: Low profile vertical baler designed to operate under a standard ceiling Operates under an 8 foot ceiling height Rolls through any 3.5 foot x 7 foot doorway This...

Marathon 10 HP Horizontal Cardboard Baler
Inventory #: G4206

Used Marathon Horizontal Baler with: Previous application: Cardboard 10 horsepower motor Baling chamber dimensions: 42 inches long x 31 inches wide Hopper dimensions: 28.75 inches wide x 28.75 inches...

HX-72 photo
Cram A Lot HX72 Closed Door Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G4659

Used Cram-A-Lot Baler with: Wide-mouth, closed door baler Cycle time: 24 seconds Main cylinder: Bore: 8 inches Stroke: 70 inches Rod: 5 inches Door cylinder: Bore: 4 inches...

Model 2300HD photo
Philadelphia Tramrail Co 2300H 60" Vertical baler
Inventory #: G4105

Used Philadelphia Tramrail Co 2300H 60" Vertical baler with: Vertical downstroke baler Produces bales up to 1,100 pounds Dimensional data: Overall: 78 inches wide x 41 inches deep x 152...

Marion Horizontal Baler With Incline Conveyor
Inventory #: G4205

Used Marion Horizontal Baler With Incline Conveyor with: Bailing chamber dimensions: 77 inches long x 48 inches high 30 horsepower motor Top mounted infeed Infeed conveyor included Conveyor width:...

DHW-30C HD photo
International Vertical Dual Chamber Textile Baler
Inventory #: G3595

Used International Vertical Textile Baler with: Application: textiles compression Dual Chamber Chamber dimensions: Length: 30 inches Width: 16 inches Height: 60 inches Horsepower:...

SC-T2-30-LP photo
Cram-A-Lot SC-T2-30-LP Self Contained Compactor
Inventory #: G3301

Used SC-T2-30-LP Self Contained Trash Compactor with: Rear Load System to feed through the wall Break away hopper Over all length: 22 feet, 1 inch (265 inches) Clear top length: 41 inches ...

EO-720 photo
Balemaster EO720 Wide Mouth Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G3103

Used Balemaster Baler with: Wide mouth, auto tie baler Cylinder: 10 inches diameter Feed opening: Length: 60 inches Width: 41.5 inches Bale size: Width: 44 inches Height: 30...

SE-50-4842-830 photo
Marathon SE504842 Automatic Horizontal Baler
Inventory #: G2964

Used Marathon Baler with: Cycle time/speed: 20 seconds Horsepower: 30 Cylinder: Bore: 8 inches Rod: 4.5 Inches Stroke: 68 inches Infeed opening (inches): 42 wide x 50 long ...

V-6030-HD-02 photo
Marathon V-6030-HD-02 Heavy Duty Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G2545

Used Marathon V-6030-HD-02 Heavy Duty Vertical Baler with: Bale size: 60 inches wide x 30 inches deep x 48 inches tall An interlock system is incorporated into the feed gate switch The standard chain...

V60 photo
Bale Tech V60 Industrial Vertical Baler
Inventory #: G1436

Used Bale Tech Vertical Baler with: Cylinder: 6 inches diameter Bale size: Dimensions (inches): 60 long x 30 wide x 45 high Weight: up to 800 pounds Dry cycle time: 58 seconds Platen:...

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