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Used Stretch Film Tray Wrapper Equipment

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Specifically used in the food and produce industries, these machines wrap a tray of fresh product in clear or printed stretch film. Preformed trays are filled with product then manually or automatically indexed into the machine for wrapping. Options exist for these machines which will weigh, print and place a label onto the wrapped tray.

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Super-Chik photo
Ulma Superchik Stretch Film Wrapper
Inventory #: D2451

Used Ulma Superchik Tray Sealer with: 11.5 inch wide belt outfeed 1 or 2 film rolls with automatic roll selection Automatic recognition of the tray dimensions or manual Automatic or manual selection...

Exact Workhorse WH-XR photo
Mettler Toledo Exact Workhorse Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: D2353

Used Exact Workhorse WH-XL Stretch Film Tray Wrapper with: Output: up to 30 packages per minute Compatible tray sizes: 1S, 2S, 17S, 20S, 4S, 8S, 9, 10S, 16S, 12S, 7, 25S, and 10 x 14 Film: ...

Workhorse photo
Mettler Toledo Exact Workhorse WH-ZS Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: C7862

Used Mettler Toledo Exact Workhorse WH-ZS Tray Wrapper with: Package dimension requirements: Width: 5.1 inches minimum to 16 inches maximum Length: 5.1 inch minimum to 10.2 inches maximum ...

Mini Stretch photo
MiniPack Mini Stretch Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: C9426

Used Minipack Semi-Automatic Mini Stretch Tray Wrapper with: Speed capacity: up to 14 trays per minute Sealing area: Minimum tray size: 3.5 inches long x 5 inches wide x .5 inches deep Maximum...

WH-XL photo
Exact Equipment Workhorse Tray Wrapper and Labeler
Inventory #: C8957

Used Exact Equipment Workhorse Tray Wrapper and Labeler with: Mettler Toledo WH-XL Workhorse Tray Wrapper: Two film rolls Automatic film selection Tray sizes: 1S, 2S, 17S, 20S, 4S, 8S, 10S,...

645 photo
Mettler-Toledo 645 Solo XL-11 Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: C8372

Used Mettler Toledo 645 Solo XL-11 Tray Wrapper with: Temperature range of 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit 11 inch wide film Programmable film tension settings One film size for all...

0647 photo
Mettler Toledo 647 Solo Max Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: C8371

Used Mettler Toledo 647 Solo Max Tray wrapper with: Speed of up to 30 packs per minute 13 inch stretch film available through Mettler Toledo Works with tray sizes 2S, 4S, 20S, 10S, 9,8S,...

GALAXY photo
Ulma Galaxy Stretch Film Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: C5012

Used Ulma Galaxy Stretch Film Tray Wrapper with: Tray dimensions: Length: 5 inches to 15 inches Width: 5 inches to 10 inches Height: 10 inches to 180 inches All maximum and minimum dimensions...

UWS1M photo
Hobart UWS Automatic Tray Wrapping System
Inventory #: C5147

Used Hobart UWS Automatic Tray Wrapping System with: Packaging rate: 28 packages per minute/1680 per hour Easy cleaning features: Sealer belt can be raised for easier access to gripper Stainless...

PLUS XR photo
Elixa Plus XR Auto Stretch Film Wrapping
Inventory #: B1362

Used Elixa Plus XR Autom Stretch Wrapping Machine with: Great for small to medium size in-store food packing Small footprint Speeds up to 22 packages per minute Flexible wrapping times Tray sizes...

815L photo
Exact 815L Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: A8747

Used Exact 815L Tray Wrapper with: Shrink wraps trays containing products Normally used in food service or in-store meat departments Digital scale Push button control

400 photo
Ulma Model 400 Tray Sealer with film
Inventory #: A3090

Used Ulma Model 400 Stretch Wrapper: Stretch wraps trays of fresh product like meats, cheeses and produce Footprint 87 x 34 x 61

0645-1013-000 photo
Mettler Toledo Model 645 Solo Wrapper
Inventory #: A1086

Used Mettler Toledo Model 645 SOLO Wrapper: Professionally wraps and labels fresh meat, produce, fish, cheese while saving manpower, film and packaging costs Wraps small and large trays including family...

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