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This type of equipment uses plastic film to seal a tray of product, creating an airtight seal around the contained product. A tray sealer uses heat to seal the film to the tray while different methods, such as vacuum or nitrogen, are used to keep the product fresh. A tray sealer may be manual or automatic.

VT-570 photo
Promax VT-570 Tray Sealing Packaging Machine
Inventory #: G4225

Used Promax VT-570 Tray Sealing Packaging Machine with: Tray size: Length: 7.7 inches Width: 5.7 inches Depth: 3.5 inches Maximum 4 trays at once Film reel specs: Outer...

HCSA-100 photo
Form Plastics Company HCSA-100 Manual Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G5696

Used Form Plastics Company HCSA-100 Tray Sealer with: (6) Die sets (2) Square: 3 inches x 3 inches 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches (2) Rectangle: 6 inches long x 3 inches wide...

SMART-500 photo
Ulma SMART-500 Semi Automatic Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G5270

Used Ulma SMART-500 Tray Sealer with: Application: machine for heat sealing various food products in modified atmosphere (MAP) Cycle is completely automatic Manufactured with corrosion-resistant materials...

Taurus 570 photo
Ulma Taurus 570 Tray Sealer with 4 Die Sets
Inventory #: G4820

Used Ulma Taurus 570 Tray Sealer with: Automatic tray sealing machine for preformed regular trays Can make modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packing Die sets included: #10 tray - 360 millimeters...

RP-1 photo
Rocket RP-1 Stainless Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G2404

Used Rocket RP-1 Stainless Semi-Automatic Tray Sealer with: Seal diameter: 5.5 inches Conveyor: Width: 8 inches Height: 35 inches Film with: 8 inches

PH-900LF2 photo
Phoenixes PH-900LF2 Tray Sealers W MAP Capability
Inventory #: G4254

Used Phoenixes PH-900LF2 Tray Sealers with: Current tray size: 5.9 inches x 9.8 inches Seals up to 590 trays per hour MAP capabilities Two machines included in the sale Requires a 3 HP compressor...

1708 photo
Oliver 1708 Self-Actuating Tray Sealer With Stand
Inventory #: G4355Featured

Used Oliver 1708 Self-Actuating Tray Sealer With Stand with: Stainless steel Head seal regulator control Temperature - 50 degrees F. to 410 degrees F. Pressure 80 PSI @ 250 deg. F. ...

CTS-168L photo
SealMax CTS-168L Table Top Sealer for Large Bowls
Inventory #: G4131

Used SealMax CTS-168L Table Top Sealer for Large Bowls with: Semi-automatic machine suitable for the sealing of compatible film on preformed trays made of plastic, aluminum, or coupled cardboard Maximum...

ESW photo
Hobart ESW Automatic Stretch Film Tray Wrapper
Inventory #: G3837

Used Hobart ESW Tray Wrapper with: Speeds up to 20 packages per minute Manual infeed Stainless steel construction and contact parts Application: supermarket, deli, or any application where packaging...

Food Pack photo
Koch Ilpra 1500 Stampo Food Pack Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G1915

Used Ilpra Stampo Tray Sealer with: 1/2 steam die and #3 die included Lug centers: 11.25 inches Max flm width: 13 inches Infeed coneyor dimensions (inches): 145 long x 39 tall Outfeed conveyor...

Super Chik photo
Ulma Super Chick Tray Wrapper for Preformed Trays
Inventory #: G3372

Used Ulma Tray Wrapper with: Output: up to 30 trays per minute Tray size range: Minimum (inches): 7 long x 4 wide x 0.375 deep Maximum (inches): 14 long x 9 wide x 7 deep Films: PVC...

HSA-1 photo
Holmatic HSA1 Semi Automatic Rotary Cup Sealer
Inventory #: G3047

Used Holmatic Cup Sealer with: Single sealing head: Electrically heated Pneumatic movement Watlow digital temperature controller Rotary: Manual load Six pockets: 4.3125 diameter...

400 VG photo
Ilpra Foodpack 400 VG Semi Automatic Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G3019

Used Ilpra Tray Sealer with: Output: Per hour: up to 400 cycles Per minutue: up to 6 cycles Can run up to 4 trays per cycle Maximum tray size: 15 x 11 inches Depth: 5 inches...

KATS 1000 photo
Koch KATS 1000 Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealer
Inventory #: G1914

Used Koch Ilpra Modified Atmosphere Tray Sealer with: Output: Up to 1,800 lid only trays per hour or 1,000 M.A.P trays based upon #3 and #10 tray sizes Sealing area dimensions: 22.4 inches x 13 inches...

PXG-2 photo
Pack Line PXG-2 Automatic Sealing Machine
Inventory #: G1896

Used Pack Line PXG-2 Automatic Sealing Machine with: Conveyor dimensions: Width: 6 inches Length: 59 inches Height: 41.5 inches Speed: 25 - 100 cups per minute Compressed air...

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