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Used Oven Equipment

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Equipment in this category is used to dry, cure, or bake a product. Different types of ovens perform different functions, such as sterilization, drying granules, or controlling humidity. Ovens may use electricity, gas, or steam as their source of heat, and may be either batch or continuous.

SR photo
BK Industries SR Single Revolving Oven
Inventory #: D2251

Used BK Industries SR Single Revolving Oven with: Timer: up to 180 minutes Independent rotor controls Hickory smoke controls Variable cooking temperature controls Food grade, stainless steel construction...

Blodgett Double Oven
Inventory #: D2249

Used Blodgett Double Oven with: Rack dimensions: 28.5 inches wide x 21 inches deep Interior lights Gas heated Stainless steel exterior Maximum temperature: 500 degrees Fahrenheit Casters ...

OV500G2-EE photo
Baxter OV500G2-EE Double Rack Gas Oven
Inventory #: D2721

Used OV500G2-EE Double Rack Gas Oven with: C style lift Heat exchanger with weldless construction Self-contained spherical cast steam system Hood with plenum and single point vent connection Holds...

FG-24-8B photo
Unitherm FG-24-8B Flame Griller
Inventory #: D2630

Used Unitherm FG-24-8B Flame Griller with: Applications: flame grill, bar-mark, roast, color 8 ribbon burners (4 top, 4 bottom) Adjustable burner height Adjustable flame Free-floating bar-marker...

750/8.186 photo
Bongard Cervap 750 - 8.186 Hearth Oven
Inventory #: D2127

Used Bongard Cervap 750 - 8.186 Hearth Oven with: 4 Decks: estimated dimensions of each deck: 6 feet wide x 8 feet deep Loader not attached to oven Gas heated Includes steam cooking function Original...

MARK-V-111 photo
Blodgett MARK-V-111 Commercial Oven
Inventory #: D2209

Used Blodgett MARK-V-111 Commercial Oven with: 4 racks Double doors Convection oven View ports Internal dimensions: 24 inches deep x 29 inches wide x 20 inches tall 200 to 500 degree Fahrenheit...

VC Series photo
Vulcan VC Series Convection Oven
Inventory #: D2208

Used Vulcan VC Series Convection Oven with: Power source: electric 1/2 HP, 2 speed commercial oven blower motor Construction: Stainless steel front, sides and top Stainless steel doors with...

Imperial Gas Range
Inventory #: D2247

Used Imperial Gas Range with: Cooking surface: 24 inches wide x 24 inches long Natural gas heated Stainless steel construction 4 burners

AHT 2-32 NUT photo
Traulsen AHT 2-32 NUT Reach-In Refrigerator
Inventory #: D2256

Used Traulsen AHT 2-32 NUT Reach-In Refrigerator with: Net Capacity 51.6 Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Exterior Anodized Aluminum Interior R-134A Refrigerant

Rotary Popcorn Machine
Inventory #: D2234

Used Rotary Popcorn Machine with: Rotary popping drum Gas Heat Stainless steel construction .05 horse power motor

624 photo
Revent 624 Double Rack Gas Oven
Inventory #: D2632

Used Revent 624-G Double Rack Gas Oven with: Rack lift type: C-lift Natural gas heated Maximum BTU: 343,000 per hour Manifold pressure: 3.0 Sutomatic damper and steam control Full sized oven...

DRO2G photo
Hobart DRO2G Double Rack Gas Oven
Inventory #: D2281

Used Hobart Double Rack Oven with: Programmable settings Stainless steel construction

CRO-1G photo
Adamatic Hobart CRO-1G Single Rack Gas Oven
Inventory #: D2276

Used Adamatic Hobart CRO-1G Single Rack Gas Oven with: Natural Gas Fired 175,000 BTUs 220V/3Ph, 5.4Amp Glass door Bake timer Steam timer Stainless Steel construction ...

EO 620/216 MH Comfort photo
Wachtel Columbus EO 620 Deck Oven with Auto Loader
Inventory #: D2443

Used Wachtel Columbus EO 620 Deck Oven with Auto Loader with: 6 deck oven Baking surface: 232.5 Deck height: 6.5 inches Deck width: 70.8 inches Deck length: 78.7 inches Watchel Leyde Auto...

OPALE photo
Pavailler OPALE Deck Oven
Inventory #: D2081

Used Pavailler OPALE Deck Oven with: Four decks - 86 inches L x 62 inches W x 10 inches H Adjustable settings for each deck Stainless steel finish with brick deck chamber Stainless steel Airap...

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