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Equipment in this category is used to dry, cure, or bake a product. Different types of ovens perform different functions, such as sterilization, drying granules, or controlling humidity. Ovens may use electricity, gas, or steam as their source of heat, and may be either batch or continuous.

Garland Two Deck Oven
Inventory #: D5925

Used Garland Deck Oven with: 2 Decks Oven dimensions: 40 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 30 inches deep Overall dimensions: 55 inches wide x 38 inches long x 68 inches tall Natural gas Range: 150...

626G DG photo
Revent Gas Fired Single Rack Oven
Inventory #: D6673

Used Revent Gas Fired Single Rack Oven with: TCC system HVS system LID system Compact cross line heat exchanger Zero inch back and side wall clearance Wedge installation system Stainless...

LFM-4-80X100 photo
Empire Mini Tube 4 Deck Oven with Easy Loader
Inventory #: D6666

Used Empire Deck Oven with: Number of decks: 4 Baking surface: 37 square feet Baking capacity: (63) 1 pound loaves Individual deck steam generators Per deck lighting Glass view doors Easy...

PS640G photo
Middleby Marshall PS640G Direct Gas Fired Oven
Inventory #: D6482

Used Middleby Marshall Direct Gas Fired Oven with: Baking area: 9 square feet Belt dimensions: Width: 33.5 inches Length: 76.5 inches Heating zone: 40.5 inches Maximum operating...

Stainless Steel Nut Roaster with Four Burners
Inventory #: D5060

Application: Used to roast different types of nuts. Last used to roast soy nuts 4 burners Stainless steel construction

OV210G-M1B photo
Baxter OV210G-M1B Single Rack Oven
Inventory #: D5987

Used Baxter OV210G-M1B Single Rack Oven with: Application: Single roll-in baking rack oven with mechanism to rotate rack for even distribution of heat and or steam Electronic programmable controls Gas...

132" L x 32" W Gas Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: D5297Featured

Used Tunnel Oven with: Belt dimensions: 132 inches long x 32 inches wide Discharge height: 32.5 inches Tunnel height: 7 inches Natural gas heat 2 blowers

PS3506-1 photo
Middleby Marshall PS360 Dual Tunnel Pizza Oven
Inventory #: D5797

Used Middleby Marshall Tunnel Oven with: Dual tunnel conveyor pizza oven Temperature range: 200 - 600 degrees fahrenheit Tunnel dimensions: 52.5 inches long x 34.5 inches wide x 4 inches high (2)...

Natural Gas Pita 35" Wide Tunnel Oven
Inventory #: D5538

Used Pita Tunnel Oven with: Conveyor width: 35 inches Tunnel dimensions: 42 inches wide x 1 inch high Natural gas heat Wire mesh belt Previous application: pita bread

Lang Electric Table Top Convection Oven
Inventory #: D5507

Used Lang Electric Table Top Convection Oven with: 5 racks Rack dimensions: 15 inches wide x 20 inches deep Touch pad controls Electric heat Stainless steel construction

XAV305-1 photo
Unox XAV305-1 Table Top Electric Steaming Oven
Inventory #: D5508Featured

Used Unox XAV305-1 Oven with: Capacity: 5 pans Pan size: 12 inches x 20 Cooking modes: Convection cooking Mixed steam and convection Steam Dry air 6 programmable air speeds...

1x1 GS 135 G photo
Revent Adamatic 1x1 GS 135 G Double Rack Oven
Inventory #: D5213

Used Revent Adamatic 1x1 GS 135 G Double Rack Oven with: Double rack oven Natural gas fired A-lift 380,000 BTUs per hour Honeywell HMI Baking timer Steam option with timer...

Rotorbake T16 photo
Bake Off Rotorbake T16 Single Rack Gas Oven
Inventory #: D5029

Used Bake Off Rotorbake T16 Single Rack Gas Oven with: Tray size: 31.4 inches x 47.2 inches Digital control panel with back up analog controls Back serviceability Two baking fans Stainless steel...

150GE photo
Dunbar Popt-Rite 150GE Rotary Dry Popcorn Popper
Inventory #: D5328

Used Dunbar Popt-Rite 150GE Rotary Dry Popcorn Popper with: Stainless steel and aluminum frame Automatic safety pilot burner Gas regulator valve Gas pressure regulator Adjustable air mixer

OV210G-M2B photo
Baxter OV210G M2B Rotating Double Rack Gas Oven
Inventory #: D5305

Used Baxter Double Rack Oven with: BTU per hour: 225,000 1.25 inch diameter gas connection port 8 inch diameter hood vent connection collar .5 inch water connection point Natural gas fired ...

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