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Used Laminator Equipment

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Lamination refers to the process of alternating layers of dough and butter and is often used in pastry baking. Generally, butter is spread on a thin layer of the dough, and then the dough is folded and rolled out repeatedly to create many alternating layers. Many laminators put little to no stress on the dough while reducing the amount of dusting flour needed and helping achieve more volume during the bake. Stress-free dough feeding systems allow you to gently feed the dough through reduction rollers thereby limiting stress and damage to the dough itself.

Laminating Conveyor photo
Rademaker Laminating Conveyor & Loop Buffer System
Inventory #: C8427

Used Rademaker Laminating Conveyor & Loop Buffer System with: 24 inch by 11.5 foot laminating belt Incline conveyor with flour duster and guillotine Loop Buffer System with retracting conveyor...

Rinc Laminating Line
Inventory #: B6413

Used Rinc Bread Laminating Line: Allen Bradley PLC control Chunkers-dough breakdown Conveyor to high level Sheet extruder Low level conveyor to folder, duster, and contra-roller Multi-roller...

Comas Product Filling and Laminating Line
Inventory #: A6068

Used Comas Product Filling and Laminating Line with: Actual rectangular product about 90 x 160 mm - Horizontal injection Production on 800 x 600 mm trays Maximum capacity rate is 6,000 pcs/hour...

Complete Laminator and Mixer
Inventory #: A4375

Used Complete Laminator and Mixer: Previously used for danish pastry, 2 tiers

Dough Depositor Laminator with 14" Rollers
Inventory #: E4814R

Used Dough Depositor with: Stainless steel 14" wide rollers Laminator / Sheeter Lockable Casters for mobility Opening: 22 5/8" long by 18 1/2" wide Outfeed to bottom support...

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