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DFE Meincke Impingement Tunnel Oven

Used Tunnel Oven with: Oven dimensions (inches): 1800 x 39 Burners: 5 zones: 87 inches x 84 inches x 72 inches 28 inch removable legs 500,000 btu per hour per zone Belt: 40.5 inches Baking...

1 MTR 120 photo
Dong Yang 1 MTR 120 Direct Cyclotherm Hybrid Tunnel Oven

Used Hybrid Tunnel Oven with: Baking chamber width: 43 inches Baking length: 123 inches Baking zones: 3 baking zones Direct heating section approximately: 408 inches Indirect heating zones approximately:...

Meincke 5 Zone Stainless Steel Impingement Oven

Used Meincke Tunnel Oven: 5 zones Output: up to 500,000 BTU per zone Approximate baking chamber dimensions: Length: 150 feet Width: 40 inches Height: 5 inches Steel mesh conveyor Fuel: propane...

HR-93-33 photo
Picard HR-93-33 Hot Rocks Oven

Used Picard HR-93-33 Hot Rocks Oven with: Construction: stainless steel Baking chamber dimensions: Length: 70 inches Width: 33 inches Baking temperature: Up to 750°F Baking time: ...

PS360 photo
Middleby Marshall PS360 Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven

Used Middleby Marshall PS360 Double Deck Gas Conveyor Pizza Oven with: Heating source: natural gas Heating zone: 109 inches Bake chamber: 24.2 square feet Belt width: 32 inches 135,000 BTU per hour...

Proctor Apron Stainless Steel Nut Dryer Roaster

Used Proctor Nut Roaster with: Capacity/output: Up to 300 pounds per hour Up to 136 kilograms per hour Conveyor: Width: 24 inches Perforated stainless steel Includes controls & gas...

302M photo
Randell Manufacturing 302M Double Conveyor Oven

Used Randell Manufacturing 302M Double Conveyor Oven with: Belt dimensions: 140 length x 24 width (inches) Outside dimensions of oven box: 96 length x 37 width (inches) Power supply:...

COO 1350x6000 photo
Provisur Multi-Tier Linear Cooker Oven 53" Wide

Used Provisur Multi-Tier Linear Cooker with: Can be used for steaming, roasting and hot air cooking and is suitable for meatballs, burgers, nuggets, wings, drumsticks, fish sticks, chicken breasts and strips,...

4416 GTO photo
Steelman 4416 GTO Convection Tunnel Oven

Used Steelman 4416 GTO Convection Tunnel Oven with: Natural gas, convection heating system Production output rate: 600,000 BTUs per hour Oven volume: 256 cubic feet Fresh air purge interval every...

FC-2G photo
Doyon FC2G Stainless Steel Double Deck Gas Oven

Used Doyon Conveyor Oven with: Stacked (2) jet-air conveyor oven Capacity/output: 18 Inch pizzas: 50 per hour 12 Inch pizzas: 150 per hour 9 Inch pizzas: 210 per hour 6 Inch pizzas: 375...

Dong Yang 3 Zone LPG Hybrid Tunnel Oven

Used Dong Yang Tunnel Oven with: LPG direct cyclotherm hybrid oven Cycle/baking time: 2.5 - 7.5 minutes Three (3) zones: (1) Direct heating zone: approximately 417 inches long (2) Indirect heating...

Multibake 63340-6341 photo
Rademaker DenBoer Multibake 221'L x 8'W TunnelOven

Used Rademaker Den Boer Multibake Tunnel Oven with: Oven cooking area: 221 length x 8 width (feet) 2652 length x 96 width (inches) Maximum baking height: 8...

400 photo
Meincke Tonsbakken 10DK2740 NaturalGas Tunnel Oven

Used Meincke Tonsbakken Natural Gas Tunnel Oven with: Oven dimensions: 960 length x 91 width x 7 height (inches) Indirect fired Belt dimensions: 200 feet length x 72 inches width ...

LTS Serpentine photo
AutoBake LTS Serpentine SS Tunnel Oven

Used AutoBake Oven with: Direct gas fired tunnel oven 3 Chamber convection: Indidual zone humidity controls Each individually coated Horizontally separated Total baking area: 710 square...

FGJ0A30NL photo
Fujimak FGJ0A30NL 2 Zone SS Gas Jet Oven

Used Fujimak Tunnel Oven with: Capacity: 6,000 patties per hour Gas fired jet oven 2 Zones Conveyor: Wire mesh Dimensions: Width: 32 inches Length: 300 inches / 25 feet Insulated: rockwool...

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