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This type of equipment is designed to compress powder or granules to bond the material and form a tablet. Tablet presses are most commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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JWI 6 Cubic Foot 630mm Air Hydraulic Filter Press

Used JWI Filter Press with: Capacity: 6 Cubic foot Number of plates: 19 Plate size: 630 mm Expandable to 9 cubic feet Style: air/hydraulic Gasketed Max-filtration: 1000 Max-hydraulic: 4700...

Stokes Model F 4 Ton Tablet Press

Used Stokes Tablet Press with: Production speed: up to 95 tablets per minute Overall dimensions Length: 36 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 60 inches Core rod support Variable speed pulley drive...

ZPY33E photo
Vanguard Magnum ZPY33E Rotary Tablet Press

Used Magnum ZPY33E Rotary Tablet Press with: Application: designed to press granulated material into tablets 33 Station Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press. This is a “D” size Tablet Press capable...

MK II photo
Manesty Rotapress MK II Tablet Press

Used Manesty Rotapress MK II Tablet Press with: Output: approximately 8,000 per hour Maximum fill depth: 13/16" Series 61 Hours: 12,376 Shimpo digital output counter Stainless steel...

25 photo
Manestry Express 25 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Used Manestry Express Rotary Tablet Press with: 25 tablet stations Pre-compression Output: approximately 150,000 per hour, depending on product and tablet size Current tablet thickness: 6 millimeters...

R20 photo
Stokes R-20 Single Punch T5 Size Tablet Press

Used Stokes R-20 Single Punch Tablet Press with: Previously used to make biochar pellets for forestry industry Single punch one station tablet press Uses D tooling Production output rate: 15 to 45...

Seed to Oil KK80 Cold Press Oil Machine

Used Seed to Oil KK80 Cold Press Oil Machine with: Hopper dimensions: Approximately Depth: 13 inches Width: 20 inches Extruder dimensions: Approximately Length: 26 inches Diameter: 14 inches...

1710 photo
Stokes 512 16 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Used Stokes 512 16 Station Rotary Tablet Press with: Production output rate: 400 - 1200 tablets per minute, product dependent Operating pressure: 1 1/2 - 4 tons Depth of fill: 0 to 11/16 inch Tablet diameter:...

LFA RTP Tablet Press

Used LFA RTP Tablet Press with: Production output rate: Up to 20,000 per hour Maximum diameter: 12 millimeters Maximum filling depth: 15 millimeters Electricals: 220 voltage / 3 phase / 60 hertz

R-4 photo
Stokes Model R-4, 20 Ton Capacity, Mechanical Powder Compacting Press

Used Stokes Tablet Press with: Model R-4 DSN#1 20 ton capacity Speeds: up to 45 compacts per minute, depending on materials and application Mechanical powder compacting press S/N # B70819 Dual...

VSP 16 photo
Kinsley VSP 16 Rotary Tablet Press

Used Kinsley VSP 16 Rotary Tablet Press with: Overall dimensions: Height: 63 inches Diameter: 36 inches Hopper: Diameter: 7 inches Depth: 12 inches Infeed height: 62 inches Discharge: ...

ZP19 photo
ZP 19 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Used ZP Tablet Press with: Staions: 19 Compression: 4 ton pressure Single sided Maximum tablet diameter: 12 millimeter Maximum tablet fill depth: 14 millimeter Feed frame Stainless feed hopper...

C-60 photo
Bliss C-60 60 Ton Hydraulic Tablet Press

Used Bliss Tablet Press with: 60 ton capacity press 15.25 inch shut height on bed 4 inch stroke Up to 140 strokes per minute Press bed area: Width: 32 inches Length: 21 inches 10 horsepower...

HPB-15 photo
Greenard HPB-15 15 Ton Tablet Press

Used Greenard Tablet Press with: 15 ton press capacity Max open width: 14 inches 8 inch adjustable stroke Table dimensions: Length: 18 inches Width: 11 inches Depth: 2 inches 9 inch throat...

RTP 10i photo
LFA RTP 10i Rotary Tablet Press

Used LFA Rotary Tablet Press with: 10 dies Configured for two-stage "D" tooling Maximum pressure: 60 kilonewtons Maximum tablet diameter: 25 milimeters Maxiumm fill depth: 17 milimeters ...

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