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Presses use high pressure to compact powders or granules into a solid mass. To help the material bond together, bonding agents may be added to the product. Rotary and single action tablet presses are common examples of this type of equipment. Single action presses are typically used for low volume production, while continuous rotary presses are used in high volume operations.

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JWI 6 Cubic Foot 630mm Air Hydraulic Filter Press

Used JWI Filter Press with: Capacity: 6 Cubic foot Number of plates: 19 Plate size: 630 mm Expandable to 9 cubic feet Style: air/hydraulic Gasketed Max-filtration: 1000 Max-hydraulic: 4700...

Stokes Model F 4 Ton Tablet Press

Used Stokes Tablet Press with: Production speed: up to 95 tablets per minute Overall dimensions Length: 36 inches Width: 36 inches Height: 60 inches Core rod support Variable speed pulley drive...

ZPY33E photo
Vanguard Magnum ZPY33E Rotary Tablet Press

Used Magnum ZPY33E Rotary Tablet Press with: Application: designed to press granulated material into tablets 33 Station Double Sided Rotary Tablet Press. This is a “D” size Tablet Press capable...

MK II photo
Manesty Rotapress MK II Tablet Press

Used Manesty Rotapress MK II Tablet Press with: Output: approximately 8,000 per hour Maximum fill depth: 13/16" Series 61 Hours: 12,376 Shimpo digital output counter Stainless steel...

25 photo
Manestry Express 25 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Used Manestry Express Rotary Tablet Press with: 25 tablet stations Pre-compression Output: approximately 150,000 per hour, depending on product and tablet size Current tablet thickness: 6 millimeters...

R20 photo
Stokes R-20 Single Punch T5 Size Tablet Press

Used Stokes R-20 Single Punch Tablet Press with: Previously used to make biochar pellets for forestry industry Single punch one station tablet press Uses D tooling Production output rate: 15 to 45...

Seed to Oil KK80 Cold Press Oil Machine

Used Seed to Oil KK80 Cold Press Oil Machine with: Hopper dimensions: Approximately Depth: 13 inches Width: 20 inches Extruder dimensions: Approximately Length: 26 inches Diameter: 14 inches...

1710 photo
Stokes 512 16 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Used Stokes 512 16 Station Rotary Tablet Press with: Production output rate: 400 - 1200 tablets per minute, product dependent Operating pressure: 1 1/2 - 4 tons Depth of fill: 0 to 11/16 inch Tablet diameter:...

LFA RTP Tablet Press

Used LFA RTP Tablet Press with: Production output rate: Up to 20,000 per hour Maximum diameter: 12 millimeters Maximum filling depth: 15 millimeters Electricals: 220 voltage / 3 phase / 60 hertz

R-4 photo
Stokes Model R-4, 20 Ton Capacity, Mechanical Powder Compacting Press

Used Stokes Tablet Press with: Model R-4 DSN#1 20 ton capacity Speeds: up to 45 compacts per minute, depending on materials and application Mechanical powder compacting press S/N # B70819 Dual...

VSP 16 photo
Kinsley VSP 16 Rotary Tablet Press

Used Kinsley VSP 16 Rotary Tablet Press with: Overall dimensions: Height: 63 inches Diameter: 36 inches Hopper: Diameter: 7 inches Depth: 12 inches Infeed height: 62 inches Discharge: ...

ZP19 photo
ZP 19 Station Rotary Tablet Press

Used ZP Tablet Press with: Staions: 19 Compression: 4 ton pressure Single sided Maximum tablet diameter: 12 millimeter Maximum tablet fill depth: 14 millimeter Feed frame Stainless feed hopper...

HPB-15 photo
Greenard HPB-15 15 Ton Tablet Press

Used Greenard Tablet Press with: 15 ton press capacity Max open width: 14 inches 8 inch adjustable stroke Table dimensions: Length: 18 inches Width: 11 inches Depth: 2 inches 9 inch throat...

C-60 photo
Bliss C-60 60 Ton Hydraulic Tablet Press

Used Bliss Tablet Press with: 60 ton capacity press 15.25 inch shut height on bed 4 inch stroke Up to 140 strokes per minute Press bed area: Width: 32 inches Length: 21 inches 10 horsepower...

i220 photo
Dukane i220 Pneumatic Press

Used Dukane i220 Pneumatic Press with: Output: .5 ms Stroke: 7 inches Mechanical bottom stop Digital controls Base dimensions: 18 inches wide x 24 inches deep Thruster...

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