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This type of blender mixes materials into a liquid. Liquefiers dissolve and disperse virtually any food product efficiently and completely. Most liquefiers are rectangular, although some are round. Some round liquefiers have an arm that scrapes the insides, catching and returning product to the mix. The benefits of liquefiers include: dissolving soluble products in less than 5 minutes, complete hydration, total product liquefaction, elimination of solid "burn-on" in the vat, elimination of waste at strainers and tank bottoms and the complete dispersement of insoluble particles in water or non-aqueous media.

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LDTW photo
Breddo LDTW 250 Gallon Stainless Steel Jacketed Liquifier

Used Breddo Likwifier With: Capacity: 250 gallons General purpose impeller Jacket: MAWP: 60 psi at 350° Fahrenheit 40 Horsepower motor Electrical: Volts: 460 Frequency: 60 Hz...

LOR photo
Breddo 100 Gallon LOR Single Wall Stainless Steel Likwifer

Used Breddo Likwifier With: Capacity: 100 gallons Single wall Manway: Diameter: 24 inches (3) 2 inch inlets 3 inch discharge Belt driven 40 HP motor Electrical: Volts: 460 Frequency:...

LDTW photo
Breddo 10 Gallon Jacketed SS Liquefier w Motor

Used Breddo 10 Gallon S/S Likwifer with: Model: LDTW Serial: D-24502 98517 Stainless steel Size: 10 gallons Mounted on S/S frame with casters (2) 2 inch diameter inlets (1) 2 inch diameter...

Breddo 100 Gallon Liquefier w/Scrape Surface Agitator

Used Breddo Liquefier Mixer with: Control cabinet and liquefier mounted on a SS frame with casters Motor: 70 horsepower Capacity: 100 gallons Access opening: 50 inch diameter One (1) outfeed:...

LOSWW-300 photo
Breddo 300 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquifier Blender

Used Breddo Stainless Steel Jacketed Liquifier Blender with: Capacity: 300 gallons Maximum working pressure: 125 pounds per square inch At 400 degrees Fahrenheit Manway:...

LLD photo
Breddo LLD 100 Gallon Jacketed Liquefier Blender

Used Breddo LDDW 100 Gallon Steam Liquefier Blender with: Capacity: 100 gallons Jacket: Yes Maximum pressure: 90 PSI Heating medium: steam Coil volume: .187 Manway/access opening dimensions:...

100 Gallon photo
Crepaco 100 Gallon Single Wall Mixer Blender

Used Crepaco 100 Gallon Single Wall Mixer Blender with: Capacity: 100 gallons CIP fittings Stainless steel construction Top mounted manway: 22 inches Two top inlets: 2 inches One bottom side...

LORWW photo
Breddo LORWW 300 Gallon SS Jacketed Liquefier

Used Breddo LORWW Liquefier with: Capacity: 300 gallons Paul Mueller Company jacket Max WP: 125 PSI at 400 degrees Fahrenheit MDMT: 0 degrees Fahrenheit at 125 PSI Hinged manway with...

100 DS photo
Walker 100 DS 100 Gal Stainless Liquefier Blender

Used Walker 100 DS Liquefier Blender with: Capacity: 100 gallons Discharge: Side bottom Diameter: 2 inches Height from the ground: 29 inches 15 horsepower motor 304...

Feldmeier 500 Gallon Stainless Liquefier Blender

Used Feldmeier Liquefier Blender with: Capacity: 500 gallons Diameter: 60 inches Overall height: 89 3/8 inches Straight side: 33 inches (10) Inlets: Top mounted...

SSD-100 photo
Sharpe Mixers Stainless Steel Mixer

Used Sharpe Mixer With: Container dimensions: Length: 24 inches Width: 24 inches Depth: 20 inches Bottom center discharge Electrical: Volts: 230 Frequency: 60 Hz Phase 1 Stainless...

LDD-250 photo
Breddo LDD 250 Gallon Stainless Steel Liquifier

Used Breddo Liquefier with: Capacity: 250 gallons Includes: Top mounted manway Bottom center outlet Agitation: General purpose impeller Driven by 25 horsepower, 230/460 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz motor...

LOR-200 photo
Stainless Steel Liquefier Blender w Product Hopper

Used Liquefier with: Capacity: 200 gallons Top mounted: (2) Product inlets Hinged manway: 20 inches diameter Includes: Internal baffle General impeller: 12 inches diameter Powder feed...

LDTR photo
Breddo LDTR SS 100 Gallon Likwifier

Used Breddo LDTR SS 100 Gallon Single Shell Likwifier With: Stainless steel construction Capacity: 100 gallons Access: Top hinged manway Agitation: Bottom center...

Liqui-Mix photo
Walker Liqui-Mix 100 Gal SS Likwifier

Used SS Walker Liqui-Mix 100 Gal Likwifier With: Stainless steel construction Capacity: 100 gallons Opening: Top manway Discharge outlet: Bottom center piped to side Driven...

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