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This type of blender is a u-shaped trough with a horizontal agitator inside. These machines use paddles on a shaft to agitate and mix product. Some blenders have release valves under the trough while some troughs tilt to dump their contents. Paddle blenders are commonly used for for mixing dry powders, and mixing liquids into a dry mixture. Paddle blenders are one of the slowest types of mixers, working slowly to create a consistent product.

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Stainless Steel Single Shaft Paddle Blender

Used Paddle Blender with: Single shaft Top-hinged cover Center bottom discharge Capacity: 8 cubic feet Overall approximate dimensions: Width: 26 inches Depth: 28 inches Length: 30 inches ...

5 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Jacketed Paddle Mixer

Used Paddle Mixer with: Capacity: approximately 5 cubic feet Jacketed Agitation: Single shaft 10 Paddles Driven by 5 horsepower, 220/440 volt, 3 Ph gearhead motor Discharge outlet: Bottom...

SBDF-30-3-P photo
Acrison SBDF-30-3-P Dual Shaft Paddle Blender

Used Acrison SBDF-30-3-P Dual Shaft Paddle Blender with: Infeed dimensions: Height: 80 inches Diameter: 6.5 inches Straight wall: 41 inches Blender depth: 21 inches Outfeed shaft: Diameter:...

SPY-2772 photo
Marion 22 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Paddle Blender

Used Marion SPY-2772 Paddle Blender: Capacity: 22 cubic feet Agitation: Single shaft (6) paddles: 18 inches wide Driven by 7.5 horsepower motor Discharge: Bottom center Diameter: 8 inches...

CTMB-1000 photo
Cozzini CTMB-1000 Lbs Stainless Mixer Blender

Used Cozzini CTMB-1000 Stainless Mixer/Blender with: Double auger paddle blender Hydraulically driven Hydraulic tilt out Blender dimensions: Length: 48 inches Width: 38 inches Height:27.5 inches...

FKM-2000D photo
Littleford FKM-2000D 42.4 cu ft Jacket Plow Mixer

Used Littleford FKM-2000D 42.4 cu ft Jacket Plow Mixer with: Capacity: Total: 75.5 cubic feet Working: 42.4 cubic feet Manway inspection doors Side mounted Total:...

Turbulent Superflusher TSF-160 photo
Draiswerke Turbulent Superflusher TSF-160 Mixer

Used Draiswerke Turbulent Superflusher TSF-160 Mixer with: Batch, heavy duty horizontal mixer Designed to mix and knead pigment and other flushes with sufficient energy to drive water out of the press cakes...

T50 photo
Draiswerke T50 Stainless Steel 50 Liter Mixer

Used Draiswerke Stainless Steel Plow Mixer with: Capacity: 50 liters, 13 gallons Stainless steel contact parts 3 horsepower agitation motor Varispeed gearbox Mounted on a painted mild steel base...

FZM-4 photo
American Process Systems 12 Cu Ft Dual Shaft Paddle Blender

Used American Process System FZM-4 Blender with: Dual shaft paddle blender Mixing chamber capacity: 12 cubic feet or 90 gallons Hinged lid with safety switch Bottom center, bomb-bay style discharge ...

Forberg F-1000-SS Dual Shaft Batch Paddle Blender

Used Forberg F-1000-SS Paddle Blender with: Batch style paddle blender Dual mixing shafts Normal volume: 1000 liters, 264 gallons Minimum volume: 400 liters, 105 gallons Maximum volume: 1400 liters,...

MW-150 photo
Tokyo Menki Co MW-150 Stainless Steel Mixer

Used Tokyo Menki Co MW-150 Stainless Steel Mixer with: Dough feeder discharge: Width: 2 feet Length: 2 feet Capacity: 150 gallons Inlet: 8 inch diameter Dual...

3060 photo
Marion 3060 Paddle Blender 1500 lb Flour Capacity

Used Marion 3060 Paddle Blender 1500 lb Flour Capacity with: Approximate capacity: 1500 pounds of flour or 60 cubic feet Process: product is fed into the Marion paddle blender. It is blended, and the product...

Kenetics 2,000 Pound Stainless Steel Dual Shaft Paddle Blender with Twin 15 Hp Motors

Used Kenetic Stainless Steel Paddle Blender with: Capacity: 2,000 lbs Dual shaft Stainless steel Two piece split cover Motors: Twin 15 Hp Dual Cutler Hamer start stops Dual end operated discharge...

MCD-4 photo
S. Howes MCD-4 4 Cubic Foot Dual Shaft Paddle Mixer

Used S. Howes MCD-4 Paddle Mixer with: Capacity: 4 cubic feet Hopper dimensions: Length: 17 inches Width: 10 inches Depth: 9 inches Infeed height: 78 inches Paddle dimensions: 2 inches...

RC-80 photo
Rietz Bepex Cheese Creamer 1200 Gallon Paddle Blender

Used Rietz Bepex Paddle Blender with: Capacity: approximately 1,200 gallons Agitation: Single shaft: 6 inches diameter Interrupted ribbon to paddles design Driven by 10 horsepower, 230/460 volt, 3...

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