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This type of capping machine places and tightens threaded caps. Spindle cappers are typically designed in an inline orientation. Spindle caps are commonly used for plastic soda and water bottles.

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945 photo
Kaps All A6 Automatic Spindle Capper with Overhead Cap Sorter/Orienter

Used Kaps All Automatic Spindle Capper with: Model: A6 Number of spindles: 6 Over-head cap sorter/orienter 7.5 foot long conveyor .50 Hp, 180 volt motor Control panel .33 Hp motor for pull...

E photo
Kaps-All E Four Spindle Quill Capper on Casters

Used Kaps All Spindle Capper with: Speeds: up to 80 cpm, depending on materials and application Spindles: four Cap feeder Top mounted Centrifugal Bowl style Bulk cap supply hopper Vibrator...

ACT 600 photo
ELF ACT 600 Automatic 6 Spindle Capper

Used ELF Machinery 6 Spindle Capper with: 6 tightening quills All quills move independently from center line Gripping belt length: 24 inches Adjustable angle cap chute Belts open to 6 inches...

Model E photo
Kaps-All E 4 Spindle Capper

Used Spindle Capper With: Output: Up to 80 bottles per minute Cap size: 13 to 72 millimeters Includes: Vibratory cap hopper Vibratory bowl feeder Single gripper belts Controls C frame capper...

TruCap X-Vert photo
ACASI TruCap X Vert 6 Spindle Capper with Feeder

New ACASI TruCap X-Vert Inline Capper & Cap Feeder with: Suitable for a wide range of containers Six (6) spindle capper single gear box driven Conveyor: 10 foot long x 4.5 inches wide Vertical wheel...

TruCap-X-WFall photo
ACASI TruCap X W Fall 6 Head Inline Spindle Capper

New ACASI TruCap-X-WFall Auto Inline Bottle Capper with: Independent spring loaded bottle capping discs Waterfall cap reject system Pneumatic clutches Additional set of gripper belts Conveyor: 10...

SK6000-BF6-58 photo
SureKap SK6000-BF6-58 Inline Capper with Elevator

New Surekap SK6000-BF6-58 Inline Capper with: Six spindle inline capper Production output rate: Up to 50 per minute, depending on materials and application Cap size range: 22 to 58mm...

SK6000X BF6-120 photo
SureKap SK6000X BF6-120 Automatic Spindle Capper

Surekap SK6000X-BF6-120 Automatic Spindle Capper with: Six spindle portable automatic capper with elevator Production output rate: Up to 50 per minute, depending on materials and application Cap...

E4 photo
Kaps-All Model E4 4 Spindle Capper

Used Kaps-All Spindle Capper Output: up to 80 caps per minute Number of spindles: 4 Containers: metal, glass, plastic bottles or jars Tabletop bottle conveyor: Length: 92 inches Width: 4.5 inches...

Model E photo
Kaps All E Four Spindle Capper w/Bowl & Conveyor

Used Kaps All E Four Spindle Capper w/Bowl & Conveyor with: Output: up to 80 containers per minute Number of spindles: 4 Conveyor: Plastic table-top chain Dimensions (inches): 90 long x 4.5...

C. photo
Kaps-All C 8 Head Spindle Capper

Used Kaps-All C Spindle Capper with: 8 cap-tightening spindles Hand crank size adjustments Side grip bottle stabilizer conveyors Integrated cap unscrambling bowl Previously ran 1 inch diameter...

A6 photo
Kaps All A6 6 Spindle Inline Bottle Capper

Used Kaps-All Capper with: Output: up to 150 bottles per minute, depending on container and application Cap sizes: 8 - 70 millimeters Containers: Glass Metal Plastic Up...

U30 1126 photo
Resina U30 1126 In-line 6 Spindle Capper

Used Resina U30 1126 Spindle Capper with: 6 spindle capper Currently set to run 45 millimeter PET screw caps Extra 28mm and 57mm chutes Cap size range: 10mm - 70mm (changeparts required) Rotary...

U 30 699 photo
Resina U 30 699 In-Line 4 Spindle Capper

Used Resina U 30 699 In-Line Spindle Capper with: 4 spindle capper, capable of 6 spindles with change parts (not included) Left to right product flow Rotary cap sorter and orienter with chute Current...

EPak Inline Stainless Steel 6 Spindle Capper

Used Spindle Capper with: Includes 6 spindles Last known application: 16 ounce domed oval container Last known cap type: 20-410 flip cap Output range: 10-70 bottles per minute Stainless steel construction...

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