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There are many different types of caps and types of categories of cappers. The two biggest types are inline and rotary. Cappers affix caps to many different shapes and sizes of bottles. The type of capper you need depends on the container. Factors such as strength, weight, barrier, clarity, rigidity, surface and appearance will affect the kind of cap and the type of capper you need.

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5728 photo
Kalish Semi Auto Pneumatic Cap Tightener

Used Kalish Pneumatic Cap Tightener with: Model: 5728 Urethane-lined chuck Chuck size: 90 millimeters to 100 millimeters Pneumatic lift assist to hold the capper up Serial: 0008 Year: 2008

945 photo
Kaps All A6 Automatic Inline Spindle Capper

Used Kaps All Spindle Capper with: Model: A6 Number of Spindles: 6 Rated up to 200 containers per minute, depending on materials and application Left to right operation Dual gripper belts Adjustments...

Pharmaline 2-1gp photo
Balpack Pharmaline 2-1gp Rotary Capper

Used Balpack Rotary Capper with: For bottles with 1 inch neck Dye to capper height: up to 7 inches Rotary diameter: 24 inches Cap width: up to 1 inch wide Material: stainless...

Rotary Cap Dispenser

Used Rotary Cap Dispenser with: Infeed height: 49.5 inches Hopper dimensions: Diameter: 22.5 inches Depth: 8 inches Step width: 1 inch Flight: 3 inches Cap aperture: Cap height:...

Robcol Capper

Used Robocol Capper with: Last ran 36 mm plastic press caps Hopper dimensions: Depth: 7 inches Diameter: 17 inches Discharge height: 41 inches Stainless steel Pneumatic

CC1417 photo
Chadam CC1417 6 Spindle Capper

Used Chadam Capper with: Spindles: 6 Cap size: Minimum: 8mm Maximum: 110mm Gripper Belts: Width: .75 inches Length: 35 inches Electrical: 120 volts, single phase, 60 hertz Variable...

Diversified Capping Equipment Steam Capper

Used Diversified Capping Equipment Steam Capper With: Container conveyor (missing belt): Length: 105 inches Width: 4 inches Infeed/discharge height: 35 inches Resina style cap sorter: 32 inch...

Linker Europa Cleated Incline Hopper Conveyor

Used Linker Incline Hopper Conveyor with: Hopper: Length: 28 Inches Width: 28 Inches Depth: 24 Inches Infeed: 43 Inches Cleated incline conveyor: Width: 7.5 Inches Height: 1.5 Inches ...

5130 photo
Kalish 5130 Push Through Single Chuck Capper

Used Kalish 5130 Push Through Capper with: Single chuck Variable speed controls Adjustable chuck down force Adjustable chuck spin speed Manual height adjustment Star wheel conveyor Stainless...

5404 photo
Kalish 5404 Bandit Single Chuck Capper

Used Kalish 5404 Bandit Chuck Capper with: Single chuck Adjustable chuck torque Adjustable capping height Variable speed

TruCap-X-WFall photo
ACASI TruCap X W Fall 6 Head Inline Spindle Capper

New ACASI TruCap-X-WFall Auto Inline Bottle Capper with: Independent spring loaded bottle capping discs Waterfall cap reject system Pneumatic clutches Additional set of gripper belts Conveyor: 10...

BA6 photo
Kaps-All BA6 Over-Capper with Conveyor and Dual Gripper Belts

Used Kaps-All BA6 Over-Capper With: Centrifugal cap sorting bowl Output: Up to 200 bottles per minute, depending on materials and application Cap minimum: 13mm Cap maximum: 70mm ...

SK6000-BF6-58 photo
SureKap SK6000-BF6-58 Inline Capper with Elevator

New Surekap SK6000-BF6-58 Inline Capper with: Six spindle inline capper Production output rate: Up to 50 per minute, depending on materials and application Cap size range: 22 to 58mm...

SK6000X BF6-120 photo
SureKap SK6000X BF6-120 Automatic Spindle Capper

Surekap SK6000X-BF6-120 Automatic Spindle Capper with: Six spindle portable automatic capper with elevator Production output rate: Up to 50 per minute, depending on materials and application Cap...

FE-4 photo
Kaps-All FE-4 4 Spindle Cap Retorquer

Used Kaps-All Cap Retorquer With: Up to 200 bottles per minute 4 spindles Adjustable height Handles metal, glass and plastic containers Opening dimensions: Width: 7 inches Height: 16 inches ...

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