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This type of flow wrapper uses a sensor to read either a white or black spot on registered film, signaling where to seal and cut the film. This ensures that the print registered film flow wrapper places the printed pattern on the film correctly around the package.

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PFM Falcon S/S Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Used PFM Falcon Flow Wrapper With: Output: Up to 200 packages per minute Print registered 1 up seal jaw Max product dimensions: Length: 23 inches Width: 12.5 inches Height: 6 inches ...

140 photo
Ameripak 140 Horizontal Wrapper with Registration

Used Ameripak 140 Horizontal Flow Wrapper with: Rotary end seal jaws: 1 End seal type: heated crimp Maximum product size: 16 inches L x 9 inches W x 4 inches H Infeed Conveyor ...

Linium 301 photo
Bosch Linium 301 Print Registered Wrapper

Used Doboy 301 Linium Horizontal Flow Wrapper with: Speeds: up to 150 packages per minute Product width: .4 inches up to 6.9 inches End knife width: 7 inches Film reel width: 15.7 inches Maximum...

FW3400A-5 photo
Formost Fuji FW3400A-5 Horizontal Flow Wrapper

Used Formost Fuji FW3400A-5 Flow Wrapper with: Print registered horizontal flow wrapper Infeed length: 100 inches Manual product load Lugged infeed Lug centers: 14 inches Film width: 17...

Delta 2000 LD B DX photo
Ilapak Delta 2000 LD B DX Stainless Steel Box Motion Flow Wrapper

Used Ilapak Delta 2000 LD B DX Flow Wrapper with: Box motion flow wrapper Infeed length: 195 inches Lugged infeed Lug centers: 9 inches Rotary fin longitudinal seal Seal jaw width: 14 inches ...

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