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This type of equipment wraps film around a product, then folds each open end down, making a pattern of two triangles on each side. Folded film overwrapper machines can be automatic or semiautomatic. A semi-automatic machine requires an operator to place the product in the correct position, and use a foot pedal to seal the film. Folded film overwrappers are commonly used to wrap boxes of soap, tea, candy, and other products.

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16 photo
Extreme 16 Automatic Box Motion Overwrapper

Used Extreme Overwrapper With: Output: 80 Pieces per minute Lugged infeed Centers: 12 inches Infeed height: 34 inches Infeed lenght: 9 feet Product conveyor: Width: 9 inches Seal...

CM 40 SE photo
Bergami CM 40 SE Overwrapper

Used Bergami CM 40 SE Overwrapper with: Output: 40 to 50 wraps per minute, depending on product size Product size range, may require OEM change parts: A: 60 to 300 millimeters B: 60 to 250 millimeters...

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