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This type of labeler applies self-adhesive labels made of paper, plastic, foil, polyester, vinyl, or laminate. The side of the label with active adhesive is usually protected by silicone-coated paper until it is ready to be applied to a product. A pressure sensitive labeler applies labels from a roll, sheet, or fanfold. To apply the label, a pressure sensitive labeler typically peels back a portion of the paper backing, leaving the edge of the label free and ready for application. As the label is applied, rollers or brushes push the label down to secure it. Pressure sensitive labelers can label a variety of products in round, rectangle, oval, and other style bottles.

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Weber 5300 Print and Apply Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Weber Labeler with: 36 inch reject pack-off conveyor Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC MicroScan label reader Approximate overall dimensions: Length: 101 inches Width: 18 inches

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CVC 430 Front Back and Wraparound Labeler

Used CVC Labeler with: Conveorized labeler 8 foot conveyor Centering belts Top hold down Dual labeling heads Rotary foam roller drives On stainless base with casters Electrical: 120 volts,...

ACASI Tru-Labeler FB Front and Back Labeler

New ACASI Tru-Labeler FB Front and Back Labeler with: Stainless steel frame mounted on casters Labeling head output: 1500 inches per minute Maximum label height: 7 inches Minimum label height: 0.5 inches...

CVC 400 Front and Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used CVC Front and Back Labeler: Output: Up to 175 bottles per minute depending on application Label dimensions: Length: 0.25-12 inches Width/height: 3/8-9 inches Bottle dimensions: Height:...

Newman NVII Wrap Around Labeler

Used Newman NVII Wrap Around Labeler with: Automatic wrap-around pressure sensitive labeler Last used for 12 and 16 ounce aluminum cans Output rate: Up to 50 containers per minute, product depentent Container...

Autolabe Wrap Around Labeler

Used AutoLabe Wrap Around Labeler: Table top conveyor: Length: 8 feet Width: 6 inches Wrap station belt: Length: 15 inches Height: 4 inches Adjustable wrap station height Touch screen...

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Accutek 24-SPS-104 Semi-Automatic Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Accutek Labeler with: Label dimensions: Length: 12 inches Height: 4.75 inches Container height: Maximum: 4.5 inches Minimum: 1 inch Speed: up to 45 containers per minute Overall...

Tharo PA2000 Thermal Transfer Bar Code Label Printer

Used Tharo Label Printer with: Label size: Maximum: Width: 6 inches Height: 8 inches Minimum: Width: 0.20 inches Height: 0.20 inches Speed: up to 58 labels per minute Standard...

Comen SR/4 ADH 10T 10 Head Rotary Labeler

Used Comen Rotary Labeler: 10 head rotary turret 4.5 inch tables 7.5 inch centers 2 label stations dual unwinds for splicing Max label height: 6 inches Compression belt Conveyor...

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Accutek 24-APS-106 Automatic Wraparound Labeler

Used Accutek Wraparound Labeler with: Label size: up to 8 inches Touch screen control system Stainless steel construction Adjustable hand wheels Synchronized conveyor Adjustable height on conveyor...

Accutek APS 24-508 Wrap Around Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Accutek Labeler with: Stepper driven unit Output: up to 100 bottles per minute Label size range: Length: 0.5 - 10 inches Height: 0.75 - 7.75 inches Conveyor: Plastic belt Variable speed...

Ketan K200 Automatic Wrap Around Bottle Labeler

Used Ketan K200 Automatic Wrap Around Bottle Labeler with: Wrap around or spot label ppplications Speeds: Approximately up to 80 bottles per minute; based upon label and container specifications Max label:...

MEB ADL10 Bottle Labeler

Used MEB ADL10 Bottle Labeler with: Output rate: 2,500 bottles per hour Last known application: wine bottles Labeling type: wrap around Includes optional heat sealing around the neck of the bottle...

Pack Leader Pro-Labeler 625 Inline Labeler

Used Pack Leader Pro-Labeler 625 Inline Labeler with: Labeling type: front and back Maximum dispensing and conveyor speed: 131 feet per minute Dimensions: Overall dimensions: Length: 112 inches...

Socal Packaging ST1100 Automatic Label Applicator

Used Socal Packaging Labeler with: Speed: up to 1,100 linear inches per minute Web width: 6.5 inches Label roll diameter: 12 inches Conveyor dimensions: Width: 6 inches Length: 96 inches Label...

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