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This type of pressure sensitive labeler dispenses labels on both sides of the product. After a label is placed using a front, back pressure sensitive labeler, the product is rolled to secure the label.

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S-24-C photo
CVC 430 Front Back and Wraparound Labeler

Used CVC Labeler with: Conveorized labeler 8 foot conveyor Centering belts Top hold down Dual labeling heads Rotary foam roller drives On stainless base with casters Electrical: 120 volts,...

ACASI Tru-Labeler FB Front and Back Labeler

New ACASI Tru-Labeler FB Front and Back Labeler with: Stainless steel frame mounted on casters Labeling head output: 1500 inches per minute Maximum label height: 7 inches Minimum label height: 0.5 inches...

CVC 400 Front and Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used CVC Front and Back Labeler: Output: Up to 175 bottles per minute depending on application Label dimensions: Length: 0.25-12 inches Width/height: 3/8-9 inches Bottle dimensions: Height:...

Pack Leader Pro-Labeler 625 Inline Labeler

Used Pack Leader Pro-Labeler 625 Inline Labeler with: Labeling type: front and back Maximum dispensing and conveyor speed: 131 feet per minute Dimensions: Overall dimensions: Length: 112 inches...

Label-Aire 31151500 Front and Back Labeler

Used Label-Aire Labeler with: Speed: 1,500 inches per minute Label size: Width: Maximum: 4 inches Minimum: 0.5 inches Length: Maximum: 4.75 inches Minimum: 0.5 inches Label roll...

KC570 photo
PE Labellers Executive KC 570 Automatic Labelling Machine

Used Automatic Labeler with: Automatic monoblock labeler Previously ran 12 oz beer bottles 24 labeling stations Infeed dimensions: Height: 49 inches Width: 3.5 inches Timing wheel product...

Q7001-001-002-003 photo
Quadrel Cavagnino & Gatti Auto 3 Station Labeler

Used Quadrel Automatic Labeler with: Model: Cavagnino Construction: stainless steel Three station aggregates for labeling front and back and neck of bottles Pressure sensitive labeling 30 head machine...

3111NV-1500 photo
Label-Aire 3111NV 3 Head Wipe-On Pressure Labeler

Used Label-Aire 3111NV 3 Head Wipe-On Pressure Sensitive Labeler with (3) labeling heads to apply three labels to product containers Top labeler applies an air-blown label Maximum label web width:...

Quadrel Front and Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Quadrel Front and Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Rotary, high speed labeler Previously ran: 6 inch long x 2.75 inch tall labels on 12 ounce PET jars Container plate centers: 7 inches ...

280 photo
Auto Labe 280 Semi Automatic Round Product Labeler

Used Auto Labe 280 Labeler with: Application: ideal for round product containers Container diameter range: .375 - 4 inches Pressure sensitive application Web width: 5 inches Overall roll diameter:...

690 photo
CTM Integration Double Sided Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used CTM Front and Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Designed for double sided pressure sensitive labels Conveyor dimensions: 96 length x 3.75 width (inches) Mat-top style Chain driven DC motor...

951 photo
Krones Autocol 18 Head Rotary Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Krones Labeler with: Maximum liner width: 6.25 inches Vertical label feed assemblies Roll diameter capacity: 18 inches 18 head turret 4.5 tables on 5 inch centers Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 CPU ...

ELF-20 photo
Pack Leader ELF-20 Front to Back Labeler

Used Pack Leader Wraparound Labeler with: Output: up to 60 containers per minute depending on product and operator Container size: Width: up to 6 inches Height: up to 4.75 inches Label size: ...

1280 photo
KOSME Top Adhesive 1280 32 Station Front And Back Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Output speeds: up to 500 containers per minute Star wheel infeed and discharge Carbon steel frame Stainless steel exterior panels Arm mounted Allen Bradley Panelview...

Auto Colt II photo
NJM Auto Colt II Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Used NJM Auto-Colt II Pressure Sensitive Labeler with: Front and back labeler with two seperate labeling heads, one for each side, with seperate computer towers and key access to controlling each one Designed...

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