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CRS6A photo
Hobart CRS6A Stainless Steel C-Line WareWasher

Used Hobart Tunnel Washer with: Application: converted to wash crates Includes: Inspection doors Low water protection systems Non-clogging wash arms Automatic timer Stainless steel pump & impeller...

917R photo
H.C. Duke and Son 917R Ice Cream Machine

Used H.C. Duke and Son 917R Ice Cream Machine: Water cooled Single hopper Beater motor horsepower: 2 Glycol jacked lines Electrical: 208-230 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

959R-132 Ice Cream Machine photo
H.C. Duke and Son 959R-132 Ice Cream Machine

Used H.C. Duke and Son Ice Cream Machine with: Water cooled (2) beater motors: 2 horsepower each (3) separate lines, two different flavors and twist Glycol jacked lines Electrical: 208-230 volts, 60...

GS4000 photo
Arr-Tech Genesis GS4000 Corn Tortilla Counter Stacker

Used Arr-Tech Genesis GS4000 Corn Tortilla Counter Stacker with: 4 row corn tortilla counter/stacker Tortilla type: chip or table Production rate: up to 7500 dozen chips per hour, product dependent Stack...

LX18H photo
Hobart LX18H Under Counter Dishwasher

Used Hobart LX18H Undercounter Dishwasher with: Wash temperature minimum: 150°F Rinse temperature minimum 180°F Tank capacity: 3 gallons Stainless steel construction Electrical requirements: ...

HMD400 photo
Hamilton HMD400 Triple-Spindle Drink Mixer

Used Hamilton Triple-Spindle Drink Mixer with: Two-way motor activation with cup or pulse switch Hands-free operation 3-speed universal motors Die cast housing with rear seal Dimensions: Width: 12.5...

AB NL17 photo
Marel AB NL17 Linker System

Used Marel Linker System with: P enclosure IP65 protection Stainless steel construction Electrical: 480 volts, 60 hz, phase 3

Sealed Air Insight Foam-In-Bag SpeedyPacker

Used Sealed Air SpeedyPacker Insight with: Work table Continuous foam tubes Customizable operator interface Floor machine size: Width: 52 inches Depth: 38 inches Height: Maximum: 103 inches...

Ultravac UltraShrink 2818 Shrink Dip Tank

Used Ultravac UltraShriink Dip Tank with: Stainless steel constuction Electric heat On/off light indicator Tank volume: 30 gallons Maximum load capacity: 50 pounds Thermal insulation...

Allegheny Bradford Corp. Filter Housing

Used Filter Housing With: 30 inches filter type 226 spear cartridges Capacity: up to 12 spear cartirdges at a time 150 PSI @ 300 Degrees Fahrenheit Stainless steel construction Last used for fermented...

350 photo
Mumm Craft Products 350 6-Pack Ring Applicator

Used Mumm Ring Applicator With: Output: Up to 75 cans per minute depending on product Can size capabilities: 12 ounces 16 ounces Configurations: 4 pack 6 pack 8 pack Can infeed: ...

2554-B-ELEL photo
Douglas Machines Commerical Scale Parts Washer

Used Douglas Machines Commercial Washer with: Wash temperature Minimum: 150°F Wash pressure: Minimum: 35 PSI Wash time: Minimum: 4 minutes Rinse temperature: Maximum: 195°F...

QBO70-4 photo
Roboqbo QBO70-4 Universal Processing System

Used Roboqbo QBO70-4 Universal Processing System with: Bowl capacity: 70 liters Maximum temperature: 120 degrees Maximum vacuum: -990 mbar Variable speed: 30/2000 rpm Stainless steel construction...

2163 photo
Roberts PolyPro Capper, Handle Applicator 2163

Used Roberts Poly Pro Handle Applicator with: Model: 2163 Plastic handle holder for twin pack carriers to six pack bottles Belt conveyor Length: 64 inches Width: 11 inches Controller: Allen...

Stainless Steel Jet Washing Machine

Used Stainless Steel Jet Washing Machine With: Tub dimensions: Length: 23 inches Width: 54 inches De[th: 15 inches 18 jets Stainless steel debris filter Ozone bubble capable Digital temperature...

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