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This category includes any equipment that is used in a laboratory environment for purposes such as testing and analysis. This equipment may include centrifuges, glove boxes, fume hoods, sterilizers, and similar equipment. Factors such as dust, humidity, temperature, and frequent movement can strongly affect the functionality of laboratory equipment.

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EcoLab CIP System with Heat Exchanger and Controls

Used EcoLab CIP System With Heat Exchnger and controls Stainless Steel Tank Length: 23 inches Width: 48 inches Height: 34.5 inches Control Panel Graham Corporation Heliflow 30WXF-16LL...

Sharples Perforated Basket Centrifuge 60" Diameter

Used Sharples Centrifuge with: Basket specs: 316 Stainless steel Perforated Depth: 20 inches Diameter: 60 inches Center slung Top load & unload Hydraulically driven by 20 horsepower hydraulic...

Ketema Mark III 316L Stainless Steel Centrifuge

Used Ketema Centrifuge with: Capacity: 85 cubic feet Basket specs: 316L Stainless steel Perforated Depth: 30 inches Diameter: 48 inches Top load Bottom unload 3-Point link suspension ...

TUJR photo
Tenney TUJR Environmental Test Chamber

Used Tenney TUJR Environmental Test Chamber with: Fiberglass insulation Chamber area: 1.12 Cubic feet Temperature range: -103 to 392 ° F Overall dimensions: Width: 2 feet Length:...

SS-330-DCH photo
Sentry Air Systems SS-330-DCH Ductless Fume Hood

Used SAS Fume Hood with: Capacity: 350 cubic feet per minute Interior dimensions (inches): 23.5 L x 30 W x 24 H Exterior dimensions (inches): 24 L x 32 W x 39.5 H Acrylic and polycarbonate construction...

GermAwayUV photo
CureUV GermAwayUV Mobile 60 Watt UVC Sterilizer

Used CureUV Sterilizer with: Overall dimensions: Length: 12.5 inches Width: 11 inches Height: 45.5 inches Lamp adjustment: 30° to 180° Two 30 watt UV-C bulbs: Length: 36.22 inches...

Sprint 558000 photo
CEM Sprint 558000 Rapid Protein Analyzer

Used CEM Sprint Protein Analyzer with: Detection time: less than five minutes Protein range: 0.01% to 99.99% Substances analyzed: Liquids Solids Slurries Data entry keypad with menu-driven...

1555 photo
VWR International 1555 11.3 Cubic Foot Incubator

Used VWR International Incubator with: Capacity: 11.3 cubic feet Interior dimensions: Length: 36 inches Width: 20 inches Height: 26 inches Temperature range: Ambient + 5° to 70° Celsius...

BXM(D)-T photo
ZOFB BXM(D)-T Centrifuge for Material Extraction

Used ZOFB BXM(D)-T Centrifuge for Material Extraction with: Last Used For: CBD Extraction Previous Industry Use: Nutraceutical Speed Setting: Fixed Voltage: 220/380 volts Electrical Phase: 3Ph Hertz:...

MHkD-1000IS photo
Siomm MHkD-1000IS Digital Micro Hardness Tester

Used Siomm Digital Hardness Tester with: Loading speed: Less than or equal to 50 microseconds Hardness Scale: HK0.01, HK0.025, HK0.05, HK0.1, HK0.2, HK0.3, HK0.5, HK1, HK2 Testing force: 10g, 25g, 50g,...

5890 Series II photo
HP 5890 Series II Plus Gas Chromatographer

Used Hewlett Packard Gas Chromatographer with: Time-table operation Diagnostic functions Power failure recovery Separates chemicals in a complex sample Uses a flow-through narrow tube known as...

UHP-20H photo
Domnick Hunter UHP-20H Hydrogen Generator

Used Dominick Hunter Hydrogen Generator with: Electrical requirements: Voltage: 110-230V Wattage: 185W Frequency: 50/60Hz Output: 0 to 160 cubic centimeters per minute Touchpad controls with...

D-800E photo
Logan D-800E Dissolution Tester

Used Logan Dissolution Tester with: 8 Positions Six vessels: Diameter: 4 inches Two position covers Temperature and speed controls and digital display VTC-200 pump: Electrical requirements:...

D-800 photo
Logan D-800 Dissolution Tester w VTC-200 Pump

Used Logan Dissolution Tester with: 8 Positions Five vessels: Diameter: 4 inches Two position covers Temperature and speed controls and digital display VTC-200 pump: Electrical requirements:...

LS-13-320 photo
Beckman Coulter LS-13-320 Particle Size Analyzer

Used Beckman Coulter Particle Size Analyzer with: Universal Liquid Module (ULM) Tornado Dry Powder System (DPS) Range: 0.4 to 2000 micrometers Accuracy: +/- 2% Pressure: 740 to 750 torr Ambient...

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