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Cutter and slicer equipment cuts and processes various types of product using various styles of knives to reduce the size of the size of the product. This equipment is commonly used to process cheese, meat, fruits and vegetables, and other foods. Different blades and knives are used for different products depending on if the final product needs to be sliced, chopped, peeled, shredded, or some other type of process.

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 USM X100 photo
Sormac USM X100 Stainless Steel Onion Peeler

Used Sormac Onion Peeler: Output: Up to 6000 onions per hour depending on size shape and quality Peeling diameter: 55-120 mm Product hopper with powered infeed Digital operator read out...

FPS 1000 photo
Grote FPS 1000 Stainless Steel Produce Slicer

Used Grote Food Slicer with: Model: FPS-1000 Output: Up to 120 strokes per minute Cutting zone: 30 inches wide Electrics: Volts: 230 Frequency: 60 Hz Phase 3 Stainless steel...

C-A photo
Urschel Laboratories, Inc. C-A Centrifugal Crosscut Slicer

Used Urschel Laboratories, Inc. Slicer with: Centrifugal style slicer with crosscut capability Aperture: Width: up to 7 inches Height: up to 3 inches Infeed: 32 inches Discharge: 36 inches ...

Divider 660+ photo
Treif Divider 660+ Meat Slicer

Used Treif Meat Slicer: Infeed chamber dimensions: Length: 320 milimeters Width: 130 milimeters Expanded chamber: Up to 8 3/5 inches Housing dimensions: Weight: 1,367 pounds Height:...

PR-110 photo
Marel/Nijal TurboTwist Sausage Linker with Automatic Twist Slicer

Used Marel Nijal Twist Linker with: Type: Sausage linker with twist slicer (With or without cutting) Natural and collagen casing Sizing caliber: 18 millimeters to 38 millimeters Sizing length:...

109PC photo
Biro 190PC Slicer

Used Biro Slicer with: Output: up to 180 slices per minute Programmable keypad with 7 memory slots Chamber dimensions: Loading chamber: Height: 9 inches Width: 10 inches Length: 30 inches ...

VCM-40 photo
Stephan VCM-40 Stainless Steel Bowl Chopper

Used Stphan VCM-40 Bowl Cutter: Capacity: 40 quarts Stainless steel bowl Diamteter: 19.75 inches Depth: 10 inches S style blade Manual tilt Sliding view cover Tilt back rolling casters...

CMA450 photo
Hobart CMA450 Vertical Chopper

Used Hobart Vertical Chopper With: Cut, mix, blend, and knead a wide variety of ingredients Bowl capacity: 45 quarts Driven by 5 horsepower motor Double-S blade Stainless steel construction Electrical...

475 photo
Hobart VCM 40 Cutter Mixer

Used Hobart VCM40 Cutter Mixer with: Capacity: 40 quart Small top opening for adding ingredients during mixing Chamber dimensions: 20 width x 11 depth (inches) Dome locking top Dual high/low speed control...

491 photo
Urschel Diverscut 2110 Stainless Steel Dicer

Used Urschel Diverscut 2110 Dicer with: Flat or crinkle slices: 1/16 to 1 inch Circular knife cuts: 1/8 to 3 inches Crosscut knife: Cuts: 3/32 to 1.5 inches Crinkle cuts: 9/32 to 0.583 inches Deep...

472 photo
Hobart HCM 450 45 Quart Bowl Chopper

Used Hobart Bowl Chopper With: Used Hobart Bowl Chopper with: Capacity: 45 quarts Knife speed: 1140 RPM 4 blade S knife 5 minute timer Hold and jog settings Clear lexan polycarbonate...

620 photo
Biro 3334 Meat Saw

Used Biro 3334 with: Blade: Length: 124 inches Width: 5/8 inch Cutting clearance height: 15.5 inches Cutting clearance width: 15.5 inches Overall dimensions: Width: 35 inches Length: 37.5...

CCS 302-UB photo
Weber CCS 302-UB Stainless Steel Slicer

Used Weber CCS 302-UB Stainless Steel Slicer with: Manual loading Circular blade slicing system: 460 millimeter diameter Slicing speed: up to 400 rotations per minute Slicing thickness: 0.1-100 millimeters...

Rotoclaw II photo
Reiser Rotoclaw II Stainless Frozen Block Flaker

Used Reiser Frozen Block Flaker with: Output: up to 10,000 pounds per hour depending on product Maxium block size: Width: 21 inches Thickness: 9.5 inches Air operated loader Capabilities: ...

950-2 photo
Ross 950-2 Slicer Meat Slicer

Used Ross Slicer with: Model: 950-2 Production output rate: Up to 100 slices per minute Slice thickness range: 0.25 to 1.5 inches Dual chutes Variable slice and conveyor speed adjustments...

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