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Equipment in this category includes equipment used to wash and sterilize product or production equipment. Cleaning equipment includes sinks, bottle rinsers, utensil washers, and more. Cleaners remove contaminants from the interior of containers before they are filled. Cleaning a container before labeling is important because cleaners remove any debris or substances that could interfere with label adhesives and inks.

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Aquafine Ultraviolet Disinfection Unit

Used Aquafine HX02DDS Ultyraviolet Disinfection Unit With: Stainless steel construction 16 UV lamps 70 gallons per minute Electrical: 120 V 60 Hz Dimensions: Length:...

Billco Curved Glass Washer and Dryer w/ Mezzanine

Used Billco Curved Glass Washer and Dryer w/ Mezzanine with: Conveyor runs through entire washing and drying section Height of infeed and outfeed: 42 inches high Width of conveyor: 29 inches...

Magnus Magna-Lif Parts Cleaning Acid Bath Machine

Used Magnus Magna-Lif Parts Cleaning Acid Bath Machine with: Parts cleaning using mineral spirits Load capacity: 450 lbs Tank capacity: 260 gallons Painted steel construction Stainless steel inside...

335L-52-SP-ST-1 photo
Sanimatic 335L-52-SP-ST-1 Sanitizer Cabinet Washer

Used Sanimatic Sanitizing Washing Cabinet with: Application: cabinet washer's rotating spray arms and oscillating manifolds sprays sanitizing solution to clean and sanitize inside and outside of product....

PW-M-100 photo
Meyer PW-M-100 Stainless Steel Washer 255"L x 54"W

Used Meyer PW-M-100 Stainless Steel Washer with: Two (2) compartment divider: 18 width x 22 depth (inches) Pneumatic gate valves Stainless steel bottom screen Mounted outfeed conveyor...

23 photo
McBrady Engineering Model 23 Air Bottle Duster

Used McBrady Engineering Model 23 Air Bottle Duster with: Cleans powder and dust from the bottom as well as the tops and sides of bottles, cans and containers Ionized compressed air aids brushing to eliminate...

1500 Gal Vegetable Wash Tank with Chiller System

Used Vegetable Wash Tank with Chiller System with: Capacity: 2000 pounds of leafy greens Tank capacity: 1500 gallons Width: 48 inches Depth: 25 inches Includes: Stainless steel infeed...

AccuCapper photo
McBrady 100 Orbital Bottle Rinser/Cleaner

Used McBrady Bottle Rinser with: Container type: Glass Metal Plastic Composite Drum diameter: 54 inches Speed: Maximum: 120 containers per minute Minimum: 100 containers per minute ...

Alard Riptide Turbulent Flow Stainless Steel Jet Washer

Used Alard Jet Washer with: Washes leafy greens, fruits and vegetables Flume dimensions: Length: 11 feet Width: 31 inches Helical flow tank dimensions: Length: 5 feet Width: 30 inches ...

Poggio FM12 Bottle Rinser

Used Poggio FM12 Bottle Rinser with: Number of rinsing heads: 12 Output rate: 2,500 bottles per hour Overall dimensions: Width: 78 inches Depth: 49 inches Height: 78 inches Stainless steel...

McBrady Engineering HS300 Ionized Air Rinser

Used McBrady Engineering HS300 Ionized Air Rinser with: Output rate: 300-400 bottles per hour Last known application: Bottle type: 12 ounce glass bottles Can types: 16 ounce standard, 12 ounce standard...

Orbit 220 photo
McBrady 220 Orbital Bottle Cleaner

Used McBrady Bottle Rinser with: Output: up to 300 bottles per minute Wheel/drum diameter: 54 inches Includes drive motor Container types: Glass Metal Plastic Composite containers Duplex...

VarioClean photo
Krones VarioClean CIP System

Used Krones VarioClean CIP System with: Designed to clean fillers, pasteurisers, mixers, syrup rooms, piping systems and tanks Automatic monitoring and documentation of important parameters of the CIP process...

Admiral 66 photo
Insinger Admiral 66 Single Tank Conveyor Dishwasher

Used Insinger Dishwasher with: Automatic conveyor Cycles: Recirculating pre-wash Wash Fresh water final rinse Water usage: 0.63 gallons per rack at 20 psi Capacity: 233 racks per hour ...

McBrady Engineering Model 60 Air Bottle Cleaner

Used McBrady Engineering Air Rinser with: Diameter: 48 inches Throughput conveyor: Length: 150 inches Width: 4.5 inches Height: 39 inches Includes change parts Stainless steel construction...

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