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This type of bottle rinsing equipment uses liquid to flush contaminants from the container prior to filling. Bottle rinsers typically grip the bottle by the neck, invert, rinse, drain and return the bottle to the upright position. Water bottle rinsers can use filtered water, hot water or treated water. Other rinsing agents can include sterilants, neutral alcohol or the product to be bottled. Water rinsers usually include some type of drying capability.

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Shesto Limited PS-50A Ultrasonic Cleaner

Used Shesto Limited Ultrasonic Cleaner with: Tank capacity: 14 liters Tank size: Length: 12.99 inches Width: 11.81 inches Height: 5.9 inches Package size: Length: 18.11 inches Width: 16.53...

Alard Riptide Turbulent Flow Stainless Steel Jet Washer

Used Alard Jet Washer with: Washes leafy greens, fruits and vegetables Flume dimensions: Length: 11 feet Width: 31 inches Helical flow tank dimensions: Length: 5 feet Width: 30 inches ...

KHS Keg Boy C2 Keg Filler Cleaner

Used KHS Keg Cleaner with: Output: up to 35 kegs per hour Electrical: 480 volts, 3 phase, 60 hertz Frame: stainless steel Includes a discharge ramp

1500 Gal Vegetable Wash Tank with Chiller System

Used Vegetable Wash Tank with Chiller System with: Capacity: 2000 pounds of leafy greens Tank capacity: 1500 gallons Width: 48 inches Depth: 25 inches Includes: Stainless steel infeed...

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Krones VarioClean CIP System

Used Krones VarioClean CIP System with: Designed to clean fillers, pasteurisers, mixers, syrup rooms, piping systems and tanks Automatic monitoring and documentation of important parameters of the CIP process...

Admiral 66 photo
Insinger Admiral 66 Single Tank Conveyor Dishwasher

Used Insinger Dishwasher with: Automatic conveyor Cycles: Recirculating pre-wash Wash Fresh water final rinse Water usage: 0.63 gallons per rack at 20 psi Capacity: 233 racks per hour ...

142-BSSX-4300 photo
Carleton Helical Technologies Water Rinser with Inverters

Used Carleton Helical Water Rinser with: Up to 1000 containers per minute depending on product BMH inverter for 12 ounce bottles: Length: 60 inches Width: 17 inches Height: 15 inches BMH inverter...

Towerglens Stainless Steel Pan Washing Tunnel

Used Towerglens Stainless Steel Pan Washing Tunnel with: Tunnel aperature: Width: 33.75 inches Height: 23.75 inches Chain Width: 2 feet Overall dimensions: Length: 33.6 feet Width: 4.5 feet...

Inline Filling Systems 8 Station Pneumatic Bottle Cleaner

Used Inline Filling Systems 8 Station Pneumatic Bottle Cleaner with: 8 cleaning heads Cleaning nozzles: Diameter: 3/8 inch Side port used for dust removal Spring loaded bottle locators on each nozzle...

Gamajet PTC Mobile Stainless Steel CIP System

Used Gamajet PTC Mobile CIP System with: Push handles Motor: Manufacturer: Grundfos 7.5 horsepower Factory piping with chemical injection line Flanges: 5 inch diameter with pattern of 4 bolts...

430 photo
Amsco 430 Stainless Steel Automatic Washer

Used Amsco 430 Washer with: Fully automatic washer Washing chamber: Includes rotating spray arms Dimensions(inches): Width: 24 Height: 18 Depth: 24 Doors: Counter weighted Manually...

Stainless Steel Semi Automatic Washer

Used Stainless Steel Semi Automatic Washer with: Manual load/unload Original switching of electric valves to control washing and rinse cycle Hinged manual lid/wash shields with counter weight 121 threaded...

RW16X photo
Cozzoli Semi Auto Stainless Steel Bottle Washer

Used Cozzoli Semi Automatic Bottle Washer with: Semi automatic bottle washer Washing nozzles Count: 27 Centers: 2.125 inches Set on rotating table cleaning containers Inverted position Full...

MP-2100 photo
Klenzade MP-2100 CIP System

Used Klenzade MP-2100 CIP System with: Stainless steel construction Overall dimensions: Length: 9 feet Width: 56 inches Height: 75 inches Tub dimensions: Length: 40 inches Width: 15 inches...

Stainless Steel Cart Rinser

Used Stainless Steel Cart Rinser with: Stainless steel construction Last used to rinse 6 pack 2 liter carts Overall dimensions: Length: 189 inches Width: 53 inches Height: 63 inches Aperature: ...

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