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This type of filler uses the rotation of an auger to measure out the proper amount of product and then dispenses it into a container. Auger filling machines are commonly used for filling dry products, powders and granules. Auger filler systems are relatively closed, making them a good choice for very fine powders, which can release airborne particles into other systems.

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B-600 photo
All-Fill B-600 Semi-Automatic Filler and Scale

Used All-Fill B-600 Auger Filler and Doran Table-Top Scale with: Previously used to batch fill containers with product by weight Hopper dimensions: 20 inch diameter x 12 inch straight side x 14 deep cone...

SHAA-600 photo
All-Fill SHAA-600 Single Lane Auger Filler

Used All-Fill SHAA-600 Auger Filler With: Automatic operation Chain infeed conveyor: Length: 96 inches Hopper infeed tube: Diameter: 6 inches Funnel hopper dimensions: Height: 19 inches...

B-350E photo
All-Fill B-350E Stainless Steel Auger Filler

Used All-Fill B-350E Auger Filler With: Lift gate guarded hopper Hopper diameter: 22 inches Hopper height: 22.5 inches Overall dimensions: Height: 78.5 inches Width: 40 inches Length: 44 inches...

A-100 photo
AMS A-100 Semi Automatic Auger Filler System

Used A-100 Semi Automatic Auger Filler System with: Volumetric auger filler designed to run free or non free flowing products Production output rate: Up to 15 cartons per minute Hopper: 16 gallon capacity...

BS-SV-600 photo
All-Fill BS-SV-600 Automatic Auger Filler

Used All-Fill BS-SV-600 Automatic Auger Filler with: Auger length: 36 inches Hopper capacity: 10 gallons Allen-Bradley PanelView 1000 touch screen HMI Stainless steel construction Single Fill...

3500 S Twin photo
Spee-Dee Digitronic 3500 S Servo Auger Filler

Used Spee-Dee Digitronic Servo Auger Filler with: Hopper dimensions: 20.5 inches tall x 22 inch diameter Hopper volume: 1.5 cubic feet Infeed diameter: 3.75 inches Auger length: 54 inches ...

1800B photo
Mateer-Burt 1800B Servo Driven Auger Filler

Used Mateer-Burt 1800B Auger Filler with: Servo motor driven Hopper dimensions: 15 inches deep x 21 inch base diameter Approximate hopper capacity: 7.5 inches Infeed diameter: 6.75 inches Requires...

3500IAB photo
Spee-Dee 3500IAB Digitronic Servo Auger Filler

Used SpeeDee 3500IAB Auger Filler with: Servo powered Auger length: 40 inches Auger diameter: 1.5 inches Auger flight centers: 2 inches Hopper capacity: 16 gallons Stainless steel construction...

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