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This type of conveyor is used to temporarily stop, hold, and release products or other materials. Accumulator conveyors are an efficient method to balance production line rates, allowing production to continue while downstream product is halted. They also facilitate product removal for packing and prevent product damage that can occur when a production line is stopped. Common styles of accumulation tables include alpine, bi-directional, flow through, rotary, serpentine, spiral and vertical.

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FS-A48 photo
Kaps-All FS-A 48" Accumulation Table

Used Kaps-All Accumulation Table with: Diameter: 48 inches Stainless steel table top Variable speed drive Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation Height: 48 inches Stainless steel guide rails Speed...

Keenline Bi-directional Accumulation Table 92" L x 52.5"W

Used Keenline Accumulation Table with: Flow type: bi-directional Accumulating area: Square feet: 33 Length: 92 inches Width: 52.5 inches (11) 4.5 inch plastic interlock conveyor belts Guide...

68" Wide x 112" Long Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor

Used Mass Flow Accumulation Table with: Table dimensions: Width: 68 inches Length: 112 inches Height: 48 inches Chain driven Mesh conveyor 2 horsepower motor Electrical: 460 volts, 60 hz,...

RA 59 photo
ACASI RA 59" Diameter Accumulating Rotary Table

New ACASI Machinery RA 59" Accumulating Rotary Table with: Production output rate: Up to 150 containers per minute Table diameter: 59 inches Adjustable height range: 34 to 38 inches ...

84" Long x 112" Wide Accumulator

Used 84" long x 112" wide Accumulator With: Dimensions: Length: 84 inches Width: 112 inches Height 115 inches Roller conveyor: 10 inch centers 2.5 inch diameter ...

Vertical Accumulation Conveyor 12 Foot Tall

Used Vertical Accumulation Conveyor With: Approximate conveyor dimensions: Length: 72 inches Width: 72 inches Height: 42 inches Accumulation height: approximately 12 feet ...

Universal Sales Vertical Accumulation Conveyor

Used Vertical Accumulation Conveyor with: Conveyor section: Length: 103 inches Width: 57 inches Belt width: 3/4 inch Roller section: Length: 90 inches Width: 28 inches...

A-900A photo
AMS A-900A 48 Inch Diameter Accumulation Table

New AMS A-900A Rotary Accumulation Table with: Automates rigid container filling line Stainless steel table top: 48 inch diameter Variable speed drive control 120 volts The table is 33' from the...

48 Inch photo
Mini-Mover Conveyors 48" Rotary Accumulation Table

Used Mini-Mover Rotary Accumulation Table with: Last used for bagged coffee Table diameter: 48 inches Manually adjustable table height: Currently set to 31 inches Variable frequency drive with...

43 Inch Stainless Steel Rotary Accumulation Table

Used 43 Inch Stainless Steel Rotary Accumulation Table with: Table: Diameter: 43 inches Guard: Height: 1 inch Height off table: .5 inches Working height:...

36" Diameter Rotary Accumulation Table with Motor

Used Rotary Accumulation Table with: Table diameter: 36 inches Stainless steel table top Painted mild base frame .5 horsepower motor Screw down leveling feet

N/A photo
Rotary Accumulation Table 30 Inch Diameter

Used Accumulation Table with: Tabletop diameter: 30 inches Table height: 31.5 inches .5 horsepower motor Stainless steel tabletop Painted mild steel body Product guide rails

Krones Low Pressure Mat-Top Conveyor 20"W x 67"L

Used Krones Low Pressure Conveyor with: Mat-top conveyor with low pressure accumulation rollers Conveyor dimensions: 20 inches wide x 67 inches long (2) 1 horsepower motors Stainless steel frame...

Multi-Conveyor 13' L Mass Accumulation Conveyor

Used Multi-Conveyor Mass Flow Accumulation Conveyor with: Bi-directional mass flow accumulation conveyor Singe lane infeed Currently set to discharge parallel transfer of 2 groups of 3 lanes, each lane...

50" Rotary Accumulation Table

Used 50" Rotary Accumulation Table with: Table diameter: 50 inches Features start and stop controls Stainless steel Mounted on lockable casters

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